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A few weeks ago I invited Gordon, one of the neighborhood kids, over as a thank you for always helping me and Susie out. He has always been willing to paint and fix the little things around our house for the last few years. He recently graduated from high school and headed off to college this year. When I ran into him at the store over Christmas break I invited him over for dinner.

Honestly Susie has been a good girl lately and I was dying to watch her with someone. My plan was dinner and then get Susie drinking and if all went as planned watch them fuck all night. Unfortunately my wife didn’t bite. The three of us had several drinks but my wife just didn’t seem to be in the mood and headed off to bed. When she asked me where her trazodone was that little devil voice in my head went off. I grabbed her a sleeping pill then gave her about 30 minutes to drift off.

While I was waiting I took the opportunity to talk about my Susie with Gordon. I was giving him a hard time telling him I saw him checking her out earlier. He blushed and said he tried not to stare but my wife was very pretty and he was a guy. I laughed and told him I was used to guys staring and not to worry I wasn’t the jealous type. I told him I had some pics of Susie in panties on my phone and asked if he wanted to see them. I think he thought I was kidding until I showed him a pic of Susie in panties and a bra.

I definitely had his attention. He responded just like I thought he would. Said she was fucking hot and had one helluva body. by now it had been about 30 minutes so I asked if he wanted to go back and see them in person. He just stood up and smiled.

Gordon followed me into the room. I turned on the light, I think this shocked him because he stepped back out of the bedroom door. I laughed and told him when she takes her sleeping pill she is out cold and motioned for him to come closer. I pulled the covers back and found Susie on her side wearing one of my white t-shirts and panties.

He was still a little nervous as I pulled the t-shirt up to expose her panties. Her legs were pulled up into her stomach so her ass looked nice and full. I reached out and touched her ass while commenting on how nice her ass felt. I motioned for Gordon and he reached out and began to rub her ass through her panties.

This helped loosen him up a bit because my wife hadn’t acknowledged anything so far. Gordon continued to rub and squeeze my wife’s ass as I worked her shirt up past her hips. I asked what he thought. He said he loved the way her ass felt. I smiled and told him he hadn’t felt her ass yet, as I began to slide her panties down exposing her bare ass and pussy to Gordon. His cock was about to bust his zipper. I didn’t have to say a word or give permission. He reached right out and began to feel her ass with one hand and caress her leg with the other. His fingers found her pussy within minutes and he was amazed at how wet she was.

I told him if he could keep it quiet he could fuck her. within a few minutes Gordon had stripped naked and climbed on the bed with my motionless wife.He spread her ass cheeks wide as he fingered her pussy for a few more minute...I think he was making sure she wasn’t going to wake up. Then he guided his cock into her. He only lasted about 3 minutes and was shooting his load as he pulled out of her, so I know he came inside her pussy. He was very apologetic and said he tried to pull out quicker. I told him not to worry. I love fucking her messy pussy. He got dressed and I showed him the door before I went back and fucker Susie myself.

The next morning Susie found the pics I took of Gordon fucking her on my phone and she was pissed. She said she knew what I was wanting but didn’t want him telling his friends because then she’d have a shitload of horny high school boys hanging around trying to see her boobs or fuck her.

Later that day when I saw him he was embarrassed that he came so quickly and asked about having a second shot at Susie. I told him he would have to take it up with her and I also let him know how she found out and that she was pretty pissed. Anyway I let him in and they talked in the kitchen while I cowered in the living room. I was a bit surprised when they announce that they came to an agreement and would be back tonight.

Susie said that she was making both of us pay though. She set the rules for the encounter. He could not touch and I could not take pics. I voiced my complaint immediately but was told that I was lucky to be able to watch. She considered making me leave while she let him have his way with her as payback for letting him fuck her in the first place. She said that she reconsidered because she wanted him to pay something as well..

When Gordon arrived later that night Susie had him strip nude and sit on our sofa while she went back to the bedroom and changed. I had to stay seated in a chair across the room. When my wife returned she was wearing one of her long flannel nightgowns. It came to her knees and covered all the way up to her neck. Not very flattering to her hot body and definitely not what either of us were hoping for.

She put wrist restraints on Gordon and hooked them behind his back as she reminded him that there would be no touching. Even though Susie's figure was hidden his cock was fully erect. She turned and reminded me to stay in my chair then knelt down between Gordon's knees and lowered her mouth over his hard cock.

For the next four or five minutes I watched from behind my wife as her head bob up and down and watched Gordon's hips rise and fall to meet her head. his breathing grew faster and more labored until finally Susie reach up with her hand, although I couldn't see I knew from experience that she was squeezing his testicles as he shot his load into her throat.

He started to thank Susie and she told him to shut up, rather rudely I might add. It was rather fun seeing my wife in a more dominant role! He obeyed and it appeared that Susie continued to lick and stroke his softening cock until she was satisfied it was hard enough once more.

She stood before him and carefully slid her hands up under her clothing and eased her panties off. I was expecting her to finally take her nightgown off but my wife climbed on top of Gordon still fully covered and eased his excited cock into her hidden pussy.

I continued to watch from my chair as their hips rocked back and forth and her body rose and fell unable to visually see his cock penetrating her. Gordon was quiet staring directly into my wife's eyes. She told him to close his eyes and he obeyed. As she got closer to orgasm Susie leaned in and began to kiss him with her tongue. This seemed to drive them both over as Gordon obviously expelled his seed deep into Susie and she flooded him and our sofa with her juices.

After a few seconds of rest Susie removed the wrist restraints and told him it was time to leave. She went back to our bedroom as he dressed and I showed him the door.

She is pretty happy with herself right now. Seems he got another shot at her and she deprived both him and I of any visual stimulation.
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