Fun with Old Friends

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Several years ago we moved to another state leaving our friends behind. Since the move Susie and I have been exclusive well until a few months ago when some old friends came to town. My best friend Greg and his little brother Mark had both fucked my wife before but it had been a few years. Susie had just given birth to our first son only eight months ago. and still had some “baby weight” so she was not too keen on playing even though she often said she missed some of our old times.

They made it to town on a Friday night and stayed at our place. We had arranged for an overnight sitter for Saturday and were planning a camping trip at the lake to let loose a bit. Friday night was pretty uneventful, we just sat around catching up and talking about old times for several hours. Greg and Mark made sure to flirt with Susie at every opportunity and she was more than willing to flash her breasts, for old time sake of course. Greg’s brother Mark has been all about Susie ever since the first time she let him fuck her at one of Greg’s birthday parties. A few months after that we had a party at our place and she let him fuck her again. Ever since he has been begging for another opportunity to, in his words “Fill that tight little pussy!”.

Since I had to be at the office for an hour or so Saturday morning my plan was for Susie to ride out with Greg and Mark and set the tent up with me meeting them there around noon. I told Greg to make sure he mixed her a drink for the ride and to keep me updated if anything happened. My plan was to keep her juiced up at the lake so we could all have a little fun.

Greg did a good job of getting her started because it was only 20 or so minutes after Susie text me that they were leaving that I received my first text from Greg, a pic of my wife leaning against his truck with her pants down sticking her pantie covered ass out toward the camera… The next one was a side view. I responded by texting Greg that he should ask her to ride the rest of the way naked. A few minutes later he said she agreed to nude from the waist down!

The next few pics came from Mark who was driving, My wife was in the passenger seat playing with her pussy as he tried to drive. I was wrapping up at the office pretty quick which was a good thing since I was rock hard knowing that Susie was in the mood for fun.

Then I received a couple of pics from Susie’s cell. Either Greg or Mark was taking the pic as she spread her pussy for the camera. The caption was “I want their cocks right here!” I text her to have fun and send me pics.

Suddenly I received a flurry of pics from Mark showing Susie stroking then sucking on his cock. They were obviously outside the truck and did not have time to get to the camp grounds yet so I found myself wondering where they pulled over. Susie had her shirt pulled up but her bra still on and was still nude from the waist down. My thoughts were interrupted as I began to receive pics of Mark fucking my wife. They were back in the truck and the shots of his cock inside Susie’s pussy were fantastic.

I was now on my way rushing to meet them and wondering if I might pass them along the way as I continued to receive pics. Now Susie was outside again on her knees sucking his cock again. I almost had to pull over to jerk off as I got some pics of Mark shooting his load into my wife’s mouth. Susie had her tongue out and Mark loaded it full of his seed with my wife finally swallowing it and then smiling at the camera.Susie smiled as she had a thick dribble of cum dripping from the corner of her mouth down off her chin.

Almost immediately I started to get pics from Greg as he fucked my wife in the front seat of the truck Mark even took a few of his brother fucking Susie. I couldn’t take it any longer I pulled over to jerk off as I recieved pics of Susie her head thrown back cumming hard for Greg. I remember having a feeling that it was going to be a FANTASTIC weekend!

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