Female Masturbation

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Well what can i say.... my lovely boyfriend, A, sent me another picture last night, i couldn’t believe it, i was so turned on and frustrated by the lack of sex we’ve been able to have recently, i was going to pleasure myself but then was too tired and went to sleep. Don’t worry though, here’s why...
Every few hours in the night i awoke and felt myself throbbing with previous excitement from admiring A’s picture, that was it, as soon as it reached a reasonable time and my mum had left for work I was going to play myself silly!
I waited for the usual sound of the front door shutting and I lay back in bed and placed my hand over my already wet knickers. I started tapping over my clit, and rubbed my vaginal lips between my fingers. My juices were practically running out of me, and as i was rubbing and teasing myself I remembered about mr pink. Well i’m sure you remember our good friend mr pink the vibrator. I reached into the draw next to me, turned him on and put him inside me so when i tensed my inner muscles i felt the vibration even more! I left him there to pleasure my inside as i continued to circle my clit thinking about the pic from A still with my knickers on allowing my lady cum to collect in them.
After about ten minutes of not allowing myself to cum and teasing myself to the absolute maximum i let myself go and let out a rather loud moan.
As a thank you to A for sending me the picture to enable me to have such an amazing masturbation session I saved my girly juice knickers and took them round for A later thisafternoon!
I now feel fully satisfied and thoroughly looking forward to being back in the flat in the near future. Until then, expect a post from A to find out whether he used my knickers....

K x
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