Didn't See This One Coming....

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All I can say on this one is “I didn’t see this one coming...” I am an Exec at a mid sized distribution company. My wife Susie and I recently attended what had become an annual cookout at a co worker's house. He lived on some land and had a pool so a lot of people from work always attended. It was always pretty tame and gave us guys a chance to sit around drinks some beer and brag or poke fun at each other.

My wife had attended the first year I went when she was pregnant and a few times since but we always had the kids with us so she left the drinking to me. This year she managed to find a sitter for the kids and was looking forward to her day off as a mom. She decided to wear a yellow sleeveless top with a light blue skirt. It was pretty plain Jane attire but she still looked sexy as hell in it!

When we arrived there were about 60 people, co workers, wives, and kids, milling about and socializing. Susie hit the pool immediately. She changed into her bikini and caught a few glares from the other wives but the guys didn’t seem to mind.

I hung out with about a dozen other guys from our warehouse in a pavilion near the pool where the beer coolers were. Several of the guys within earshot were commenting on the red head in the bikini. I chose not to mention she was my wife for fear they would quit talking about her. I always enjoy listening to other guys talk about my wife’s body and what they would like to do to her and these guys were pulling no punches..

After she swam for a bit she joined me and the guys with whom I was drinking with, who were more than happy to let my bikini clad wife hang out with us. Several of the guys making the most salacious comments seemed a bit worried when they found out she was my wife. I told them everything was cool if it had bothered me I would have said something; with their concerns eased we proceeded to chat about various happening around the warehouse and my wife was always quick to add her two cents.

Susie was sitting next to me as several of the guys were standing just behind us. I assume they were trying to get a look down her bikini top as she is fairly small breasted and her top was pretty loose on her. Jorge and Juan, two parts handlers from the warehouse, started funneling my wife beer as soon as she sat down. After a few beers she asked if there was anything to drink besides beer, Jorge disappeared and a short time later delivered a margarita to Susie. She was ecstatic, Margaritas are her favorite party drink.

An hour or so later Susie excused herself to use the bathroom. The guys, especially Jorge and Juan, were very disheartened when she returned fully dressed. They started giving her a hard time for changing out of her bikini. She teased back that they only wanted to see tits and ass. Now Susie usually gets very flirty and loose when drinking so I was keeping a pretty good eye on her and limiting drinks since this was a work gathering. Even so the other guys were always quick to refill her drink, after all she had been drinking margaritas, her favorite drink.

Before we knew it the party was winding down and people started leaving so we moved to a shady corner behind the barn that had a picnic table where the remaining seven of us Juan, Jorge, Steven, Karl, Andrew, (all warehouse guys) myself and Susie, could sit around while we polished off the remainder the alcohol. Susie was talking with Karl about her breast size, she has pretty small breast. He told her that he loves small breasts and if she ever started stripping he would be a regular wherever she was dancing. She laughed and told him as toasted as she was she was surprised she still had her top on. Juan spoke up encouraging her to take it off. She laughed and asked how much her tits were worth. Jorge threw a $10 bill on the table but Susie told him that would only get him a feel as she snatched up the money. I am not sure if it was her comment or catching sight of her placing his hand on her breast that caught my attention at first but I knew that I had lost control of Susie in the current setting. The other guys quickly noticed and made it known that they wanted to feel too!

I knew I had two options at this point. Take my wife and leave or let her have her fun. I guess the alcohol had taken full effect because I opted for the latter and spoke right up “Yea honey you can’t let one of them feel you up and not the rest” That was all it took, within seconds the guys were crowded around her throwing cash on the picnic table and groping at my wife’s breasts and pulling her shirt up to get a look at her breasts stuffing dollar bills into her bra. At one point she stood up and Andrew raised her skirt to reveal her white lace panties.Susie was all smiles loving every ounce of the attention.

Susie had moved around to the other side of the table and was sitting there counting her newly acquired cash. Great I thought, my wife is officially a stripper. Jorge sat down next to my wife and whispered into her ear. My wife giggled and said “One Hundred” next thing I know he plunked down a wad of cash onto the table and smiled at Susie, she smiled back and her head immediately dropped into his lap. The other guys all began to go crazy cheering her on. I moved around the table to see what was happening and confirmed my suspicions, she was sucking his cock as the others cheered her on. The other guys were all over her while she sucked his cock. She was stroking Juan and Karl, while Andrew was rubbing his huge cock on her back, and Steven was rubbing his on her ass while groping her breasts... I watched as her head bobbed up and down knowing that my co workers cock was deep in her throat.

The guys kept cheering her on as Karl worked her shirt up over her head causing her to pause her attention to the cock she was sucking long enough to remove it totally and Juan effortlessly removed her bra. My sexy wife was now topless as Karl’s cock began to twitch and spurt cum all over her breasts. This seemed to intensify the other guys attitude as they became more aggressive. Her skirt had now been pulled up and her panties were down around her ankles as Andrew was now rubbing his cock up and down the crack of her ass while fingering her pussy. Susie finally reached around grabbing a hold of his massive cock and guided him to her waiting pussy. I watched as with one thrust of his hips he drove his monster into my wife balls deep. This seemed to push our little party into overdrive as Jorge exploded into her mouth, she struggled to lap up every drop as Juan grabbed her shoulders and guided her mouth to his waiting cock. Susie didn’t skip a beat her pussy was being pounded from behind and the Juan had a grip on her pony tail guiding her bobbing head up and down on his thick rigid cock. Tie all this in with her moans of pleasure and Steven shooting his load on her neck and face as she stroked him it was one of the most erotic sights I had ever seen.

A short time later Andrew unloaded deep into my wife’s womb and Juan cinched her ponytail tight against his stomach forcing his cock deep into her throat as he shot his load into her tummy.

No time was wasted as Karl mounted my wife from behind and Steven crammed his cock down her throat. I sat back and watched my co worker bury his cock into my wife’s pussy, first slowly then building up speed. It is always satisfyingly erotic to watch another man’s cock disappear into your wife knowing that at any minute his seed could spurt forth deep inside your wife mixing their essence forever. Once this deed is done it can't be taken back...They have become one for that instant in time....

Karl was pretty quick and Jorge decided he wanted to fuck her as well. The alcohol and heat was starting to take its toll on Susie as she began to slow down but the guys weren’t backing off.

Susie finally brought Steven to orgasm with her mouth and asked for a water break. Karl gave her the last bottle of water and she drank it leaning on the picnic table as Jorge filled her pussy with her second load of the day.

Karl sat on the picnic table and Susie decided that she wanted to reward him for her bottle of water .She sat on the bench between his legs and took his cock into her mouth. Juan told my wife that he wanted to fuck her too so she stood up momentarily and let Juan sit then she lowered herself onto his waiting cock. Susie bounced up and down in Juans lap until Karl shot his load down her throat. Once Karl was finished she lay back on the picnic table top with her ass at the end so Juan could have unhindered access to her dripping pussy. I sat right next to them so I could watch as his cock repeatedly penetrated my wife. It was a sight to watch the other men’s cum ooze out around Juan’s cock as he fucked my wife. After about ten minutes Juan unloaded deep in my wife’s womb bring her to orgasm as well. Things were definitely settling down now as she had sucked off four of the guys and those four had fucker her as well. Steven on the other hand had only received a hand job while she was busy satisfying his co workers.

My wife, now totally nude walked over to Steven and told him that he wasn’t leaving until she at least tasted his cock. With that she knelt before him and began to stroke his cock to life. Within moments it was hard and she began to lick and suck him until he too could hold back no more and filled my wife’s mouth with his hot seed.

By the time the day was done she had sucked off all five of the warehouse guys and all but one had fucked her.

Our ride home was a long very quiet one. Susie apologized IMG_0527.JPG IMG_0528.JPG IMG_0529b.jpg Susie_cookOut_0010.png Susie_CookOut_0021.png Susie_cookOut_0034.png for her actions because she knew that I really didn’t want that to happen then she sucked my cock as I drove. All the way home I couldn’t get the sight of my wife sucking and fucking me co workers.Once we got home I fucked her twice before drifting off to sleep.

I did make it known to the guys involved that if I heard any rumors what-so-ever I make it known to all of their wives what had happen and they knew I have the pictures to prove it. That happened about a year ago and I have heard nothing as of yet but all those involved have invited us to several other parties almost every weekend since.

I did give the guys at work a message from my wife. Seems she is really looking forward to the annual cook-out again next year. She already has a sitter for the kids.
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