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No one can save themselves from being enveloped by nightmarish depression. Then you discover that the aid that was promised by the unsaid and undeclared contract-in-binding one shares with a peer to be rendered null, void, and useless as their devilish peer springs forth from altruism to egoism; kindness to brutish unfamiliarity;
benevolence and gregarious footing to a position so indifferent… so remarkably stoic one wishes to ultimately shut down. Every hope shared becomes a monolithic antithesis— A dastardly concocted eisegesis so malevolently bestowed, ones insides churn and wrench, writhe and jack-knife, causing them to welcome insanity, histrionic raptures, dual persona, fear of future similar constructs, alienation and ostracization(sp) openly and without physical or mental rebuttal and without action beyond what diminished means they have. Those means, of course, solely mirror an incapacitated response.
One day, the individual sees a clear and non-convoluted image of themselves mighty, triumphant, tenacious, victorious, and (the most important facet of all) them self. They take their own hand and jettison through the murky wake left by depression and despondence to ascend to selfishness. To rise to their own agenda, their own calling besmirched by no other. He becomes his own idol, his own icon. She becomes her own star, her own aspiration. To appease the self is to equivocate monotony and requested justification. I do not need to justify my actions, my thoughts, my sheer capability to you— and I do not need to hear you explain yours.


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