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Right I'm going to start a blog, I think I'm just hogging the threads with my long winded messages so this would probably be the place to get everything off my chest.

Oh Easter sunday, I don't even think it's a proper holiday. Anywho hubby and the in-laws are the only people I know that make a big deal out of it. So we had a proper extended family dinner. Which of course was a culinary disaster. Which of course I knew it was going to be.

I think secretly my sister in law is addicted to disaster. She fucks something up bursts into tears and then everybody gathers around to console her. She tried to do this hugely complicated venison roast (which she ended up trying to fry) and I was just sitting there wondering if I was going to get away with having my second class of wine watching the whole train wreck happen, or would I have to wait till dinner.

Anywho my sister in law (lets call her d) and I are destained to spend a lot of time together. Neither of us work for a start me because well.. I don't want to. Hubby made a deal that if I left the army there was no need for me to take another job (not that Im especially qualified for anything anyway) I worked for a while as an unpaid researcher and I volunteer a little. D however well she's meant to be helping look after my father in law (super guy) he's a wee bit disabled but anywho it's really him that looks after D.

So D and I live a few hundred yards away our days are usually free so we spend time together. Recently I've started taking her to the gym with me. She's a bit of a chunky monkey so she's trying to lose weight, but none of her previous methods involve her eating less or working out so the results were pretty mixed. This actually ties into today's dinner cause she was trying to cook something low calorie - silly moo.

So I take her to the gym most days, and recently she's even started to put a bit of effort in (we had a bit of a hiccup at first) she has a friend who's desperate to come but D often forgets about her so its me that has to go collect her. Her friend is getting a lot more out of it and I think D is getting jealous.

She struggled with the concept of things like changing rooms and communal showers. At first I had to stand outside while she showered cause she didn't want anybody to see. that was actually a compromise cause originally she didn't want to shower at all but I insisted as its quite a drive home and we usually stop for lunch.

Anywho I actually felt we were achieving something when she eventually did start sharing the shower first with me and her friend and then with strangers. We were making fuck all process with her fitness.

Sometimes I feel sorry for her, she had a really nice bf for a while (who was a bit of a catch I think) but she didn't realise that couldn't treat him the way she did her friends and family cause he could always leave, which he did. She blames her weight but its not. I was expected to try and talk to her about it when she was having trouble at 29 he was her first boyfriend.

I read sex into just about everything. I suggested that maybe she might want to spend the night regularly with him but she just looked offended I think she thought she was doing him a dirty favour when she had sex with him. Anyway I tried to ask and give a few suggestions but she wasn't having it.

I'm a bitch I know my first blog entry dedicated to bad mouthing my sister in law. In the army I was used to having to live and work with people that I didn't especially like so you think I'd be able to deal with it.

Maybe its because I haven't really made that many close friends since I moved out here and I kind of want her to be like a proper sister.

Anywho this is a blog on sexual forum so whats happening in my sex life. Sex this morning wasn't great hubby had things on his mind but it's our routine that we have sex in the morning and he would have been annoyed if I had told him we didn't have to.

Sex this this evening was a lot better I did a short workout in an empty upstairs bed room then called him in to help me stretch. Like I've done a few time before I made a big deal of noticing his hard on and getting angry, telling him he was interrupting my workout. Then with an attitude telling him he had better fuck me so (when i call sex fucking it freaks him out).

When I put on an attitude its usually his queue to take me from behind and the he can be a little rough. He loves it doggy style with my knickers and pants pulled down. He also loves it when I'm a little dry so I put him into me a little early this time. It does get sore but he knows not to go too deep untill I get wet. when we fuck like this he always puts both hands under my shirt resting on my bra (he's got a thing for sports bras) Because I was so dry when he started he didn't last long enough for me to orgasm.

It was only really foreplay for me anyway. I made a big show of pulling my knickers and shorts up and going back to stretching for a few minutes. We have this awesome shower (which deserves a post all to itself ) so a few minutes later hubbie was waiting there. This is the bit I love when he strips me off and takes me insides and starts washing me so all I have to so is stand there with my hands by my side.

It's kind of a tease to be honest cause I'm ready to go long before he gets to my vagina and bum (this is actually the only time hubby touches my bum) but he does my whole body down to my toes before we fuck again and its bloody brilliant

Anywho thats my day so far.
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