Ayn Rand and Selfishness, Objectivism, and the sorts therein

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While I adore her work, and while her work as laid the ground work for what I call what I am today; her philosophy in no way shaped who I am. It just tacked a label onto actions, philosophies, and a dogma I already had.

People, as I have done, should branch away from solely reading literature published by Rand. She is an awesome start, middle, or finish on ones trek to define themselves; or, for those who already know they are, she is a wonderful tool to aid in closer defining what one is to themselves and, should they like, others. But her work isn’t meant to be the end.
Realism, Satanism, hedonism, and the likes— are all associated with Objectivism. The correlation between any of them can be true. Satanism ii closely associated with Objectivism, Realism, Hedonism, and the like; etc… She wasn’t a novel philosopher. Other philosophers, like Aristotle, Hegel, Dostoevsky, Nietzsche, even Kant, paint similar philosophical pictures
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