An Grammatically Incorrect Ditty Down Acerbic Tongue Lane

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you are so very plain looking it verges upon ugly.. But if you were ugly, you could at least say you may be exotic and thus save your pitifully boring visage from being unremarkably uninteresting.

you also have a very boring body. with no butt to speak of and barely ant mounts, after it rained of course, for bosom- i wonder how any one could find you attractive. i wonder because i know people are drawn to people's personalities. but i bet youre a selfish little prick who lives in a non grey world of whites and blacks only where mommy and/or daddy set the rules of living for you and you still stick to them religiously too scared to venture out of the blah-blah-blah rut your mother made for you.

and you're in art school. what type of moron goes to art school? that's worse than being a dentist and a chiropractor combined.

p.s.- i can't imagine your useless vagina would be interesting either. Just a blaze slit that pumps out urine and blood and it probably can't do that correctly. the only way you would get "laid" is if they did it doggy style and NO ONE wants to see your miserable anus as you bend over and take whatever small impish penis given. the only other way would be with the lights off and then it would feel like having sex with a male since you're essentially a twig with nothing to grab hold to. your hair is your only saving grace. you should take VERY GOOD, listen to me, CARE OF IT because if that goes, therell be nothing else for you to fall back on besides an attic full of useless pieces you created that, some how, lose value when first valued at 0.00usd.

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