A Little Vacation Fun

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So Susie and I were enjoying a fantastic getaway just relaxing at the beach and taking long walks at sunset. We had been at the hotel for almost a week and were heading back in a few days. Susie told me that she really wanted to go dancing before went home so I asked at the front desk for a recommendation and was told about a place the locals go because the music is decent and the alcohol is cheap.

That night Susie dressed up in her favorite zebra print mini-dress... This thing barely fit her. It was made of stretch material and hugged EVERY curve of her petite sexy 120 pound body and stopped just past her ass cheeks. She bought it for a friend of ours bachelor party when she was to be the gift of honor and has only worn it a few times since because it tended to ride up as she walked. Once while in New Orleans she wore it out drinking with me and a few friends she got so trashed that she gave up trying to keep it from riding up. She walked from the car through the lobby and up the elevator to our room without pulling it back down. By the time we made it to our room her ass and pussy were totally exposed. I like it when she goes pantiless but tonight she chose a black thong because the last time she went commando it rode up exposing her shaven pussy to a group of unsuspecting teens. I was okay with it because it still showed off her ass cheeks but made her more comfortable since we weren’t real sure what type of crowd would be there.

We showed up around 10 PM and the place was pretty crowded. Mostly younger couples with a few singles here and there. I suggested a table away from the other couples near a couple of guys we recognized from our hotel who were standing around, I love to watch guys check out my wife.

It didn’t take long for Susie to catch their attention, she dropped her ID as she was giving it to me to hold for her and when she bent over to pick it up the guys certainly had a shot of her sexy ass cheeks and thong. A short time later I went to refresh our drinks and when I returned one of the guys had chatted her up and was now sitting at our table. His name was Dave his buddy Mark was at the bar getting something to drink. Turns out they were from a neighboring town an hour or so up the highway and drove down for the weekends quite often. He seemed like a nice guy and Susie seemed smitten with his good looks so I suggested he invite his friend over.

For the rest of the evening Susie took turns dancing with Dave and Mark but mostly Dave. Before we knew it was midnight and they had last call, it was Tuesday and they closed early Sunday - Thursday. Susie suggested we take the party back to our hotel room. After all we had plenty of alcohol there and she wasn’t ready to end her fun so early.

As we walked back to the hotel Susie explained how her dress always rode up and Dave and Mark started to lag behind as Susie took the lead letting her dress slowly rise. Halfway there it was already mid-ass exposing the lower half of her cheeks. She tugged it down several times but let it ride almost up to her waist walking up the stairs to our room. Dave and Mark seemed to enjoy the sight of her sexy ass.

Once in the room Mark sat in a chair by the table and Susie sat on the bed nearest the door motioning Dave to sit next to her. She sat on the bed with one foot on the floor the other leg up on the bed, knee bent and her foot pull in toward her other knee. This gave both of our new friends full view of her lacy black thong.

My wife chatted about how relaxing our vacation has been as Mark and Dave stared up her dress. I made margaritas for everyone while Susie entertained our guests. Dave suggested that if we had any playing cards he would show us some really cool card tricks. Susie dug some out of her suitcase and Dave began to astound us. He did a rising card trick then some pick a card any card trick. Susie really liked this one she tried to stump him several times and he always guessed her card. Then he dealt cards out as if the four of us were playing poker for a really impressive trick..... Dave, Mark and Myself had Ace high Royal Flushes while my wife had a pair of twos. Dave added that if we were playing strip poker he could have my wife naked in no time at all. Susie laughed and told him if he wanted to see her naked all he has to do is ask.

Dave stumbled for words as Mark spoke up first adding the he was down for that. Susie stood without a word and raised her dress first exposing her thong, then her tummy until finally her perky little 32 B cup breasts before finally tossing her dress into the corner. Then sat back down asking Mark if he liked. “Oh yes!” Mark stammered.

Mark took the opportunity to move from the chair to the bed on the other side of my wife while I took his place in the chair. Susie stretched her legs out into Mark’s lap and lay her head in Dave’s, who took the opportunity to reach out and touched her nearest breast as he took her subtle hint and began to rub her upper body. Mark followed suit and began to rub her legs paying close attention to my wife’s inner thighs.

Susie was beginning to moan a our new friends touched her body and I was hard beyond belief. Mark was the first one to man up and slid his fingers under her lace thong finding her pussy with his fingers. My wife responded by pulling David’s head toward her’s and began to kiss him. After a few minutes Susie told them both to “get naked” and for David to sit at the table with me. David seemed to have his feelings hurt that he would not be going first but he obeyed Susie nonetheless. David sat nude in the chair as My wife instructed Mark to lay on the bed and she positioned herself at his hip facing toward David. This would give David an unobstructed view of my wife sucking his friend’s cock.

Susie made eye contact with David and told him not to pout that he would be next. Then she took hold of Mark’s manhood and began stroking him with her hand until she was satisfied with his reaction and my wife opened her mouth and swallowed Mark’s swollen cock.

As my wife stroked and sucked Mark he groped and rubbed her ass making several attempts to slide his hand under her thong only to have it slapped away. He finally gave up his attempt and lay back enjoying the royal treatment Susie was lavishing on his cock. I watched for at least fifteen minutes as Susie sucked and stroked before he finally showed signs of reaching orgasm.

When Susie had him where she wanted him she refocused her attention from sucking him to licking and sucking his shaft from an angle as she continued to stroke him with her hand. Suddenly his cock began to twitch and I watched as thick globs of semen oozed out the head of his cock running down over my wife’s hand and wedding ring. It was such an erotic sight. She continued to lick at his shaft as a steady stream of cum that never seemed to stop oozing from his cock flowed down her hand covering her wedding ring until finally she returned to sucking his entire softening cock again until sprang to life once again.

When my wife was finished she told him it was his turn to watch as David enjoyed himself and they switched places.

Susie made pretty short work of David. It seems that the sight of watching his buddy get sucked off had him ready to shoot his load. My wife only licked and sucked him for 3 or 4 minutes and he shot his load on her breasts. He seemed a little embarrassed as he made excuses for his quick response.

My wife pulled him toward her and began to kiss him with her tongue as he slid a hand into her thong. Susie offer no resistance at all this time as his fingers found her aching pussy.

After several minutes of him fingering her he took a short break and removed her thong exposing her shaven pussy. As David continued fingering her pussy Mark once again offered his cock to her mouth. I watched for some time as they took turns fingering her and she switched back and forth sucking them.

Finally David made his move. He turned and asked me if he could fuck my wife. I told him that my feelings would be hurt if he didn’t. He smiled and produced a condom. Within moments he was wrapped up and sliding into my wife’s pussy as she continued to suck his friend.

I watched for ten minutes as his cock repeated entered my wife’s inner regions until finally he orgasmed filling his condom to capacity. When he pulled out the end was swollen and seemed ready to burst.

Mark then told me that he would like to fuck Susie too but he did not have any condoms. Susie hinted that it would be a shame for him to have to miss out and then she asked me if I would be ok with him if he agreed to pull out before cumming. I deferred the decision back to my wife and she gave Mark his answer by getting on her hands and knees then sticking her ass in his face telling him to fuck her good.

Mark mounted my wife from behind bareback and proceeded to give her one of the roughest fucks I think she ever had. David took the opportunity to lie in front of Susie so she could suck his cock once again. My wife licked and sucked David’s balls and cock as Mark continues to pound her hard from behind.

After ten or so minutes Mark pulled out of my wife and unloaded his seed onto her back as David began to groan. Susie pulled him out of her mouth just as he shot his load across her cheek and on her shoulder. She giggled with delight as she continued to stroke his cock squeezing more and more seed from his swollen head. The three of them lay on the bed nude and entangled for some time before Mark made comment of needing to get some sleep. He said his goodbyes to Susie which included a long kiss goodbye as he groped her breast.

After Mark left Susie once again turned her attention to David telling him that he would need to fuck her one more time before he could leave. I could tell by his smile and hard cock that he had no problem with this. She rolled him over on his back and eased herself onto his rigid cock where she rode him bareback for the better part of thirty minutes. Finally he announced his intent to cum and Susie asked him if he was clean. He told her yes he was and she told him that she was too as she continued to fuck his pulsing cock, mere seconds later this total stranger that we had just met tonight was filling my wife with his thick hot seed.

All David could say was “oh my god” as my wife milked his cock with her pussy. once he was finished Susie rolled off and motioned that she was finally ready for me as I climbed atop my loving wife and slid my ready cock into her steamy filled pussy. Moments later I couldn’t hold back and added my think messy load to David’s in my wife’s womb.

David ended up spending the remainder of the night and he fucked Susie one more time before drifting off to sleep. The next morning as a special goodbye My wife sucked him off one more time, but this time she let him cum in her mouth and swallowed his donation.

We are already planning a return trip next year as Susie wants to meet up with David again! Vaca001.JPG Vaca002.JPG Vaca003.JPG Vaca004.JPG Vaca005.JPG Vaca006.JPG Vaca006B.JPG Vaca008C.JPG

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