A Fun Diet

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It has been a while since I posted to this blog. Life has just been very busy, in mostly good ways. I still have my wonderful wife Bunnie, who continues to amaze me with her beauty and sexuality even as we approach our mid 50s in age.

Last year I decided to I needed to trim off some weight. I am in good health, shape and still athletically active. But my sweet tooth and streaky eating habits are catching up to me and the weight had started creeping up over the years. I was up around 195lbs, but wanted to get back down to the 175-180 weight range. So, in addition to making some changes in my diet and focusing more more calorie and fat intake, I decided to add an element of sexual pleasure to it.

The best way to curb my candy cravings was to find a substitute. So I asked Bunnie "Can you help me with this? Every time I feel the need to go eat candy, can I eat your pussy instead?

Bunnie frowned and twisted her face into a pensive expression "Hmmm... I know how much you love candy... that's asking a lot of me... sounds like a tough job..."

Concerned, I said "I don't want to force you to do anything you don't want to -"

Then she laughed "Silly! you can't take a joke, can you?? Are you kidding - I'd LOVE IT! Let me show how much..."

With that, she "pushed" me down to the floor, quickly pulled off her shorts and panties, and sat on my face. She wasn't lying - her pussy was wet with its sweet juice, and I enjoyed licking her to get her even more wet and give her several orgasms before "dragging" her off to bed and fucking her to more orgasms before I came.

Implementation of this aspect of my diet has been quite fun. When I am the office and feel a craving I will call or text and say "I need some candy when I get home"... and when I get home she is sure to greet me either bottomless (if no one is home) or in a skirt or dress with no panties so that I can quickly satisfy my "cravings". If I am working at home I will find her and say "candy time!", and commence the festivities. Additional calories are burned as well, since after a good pussy eating Bunnie can't wait for me do to whatever I want to her, which leads to further fucking/sucking adventures.

This has also added to our "secret word" game we play at social gatherings. Whenever I mention the word "candy" Bunnie knows I am thinking of eating her pussy...and she gives me that sweet little smile. The actions that result when we return home are quite pleasurable.

The results: I lost 20 lbs in about 3 months, and have managed to maintain me weight in the 175-180 range since then. One benefit - I was was surprised how much my energy and stamina increased. A lot of little things that I thought was due to aging just do not happen any more. Is all of this due to eating pussy instead of eating candy? I don't know... but Bunnie (with a wink) insists that it is, and reminds of the important to continue this regimen and ensure I do not put the weight back on. :)

Do not worry if this seems one sided - Bunnie is just as eager to suck my cock and has gone through great lengths to show her desire for that - but I will save that for another blog entry. :D
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