A Dream, yet again, Leads to INfatuation

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I had a very detailed dream last night where I had, in some manner, wronged a red headed female my sister knew. She was crying and going into odd histrionics. From my perspective it wasn't something to be upset over. I still had a gf in the dream; so I had to move about clandestinely as to not get caught. (In real life I wouldn't pursue a female without first informing her and, possibly, breaking up with her.)

There are two females, that I can remember, who look like this gorgeous frizzy haired redhead. My sister's ACTUAL friend, and a pornographic actress whose name is escaping me at the moment.

Anyways, I woke up yearning for her. I just remembered that she isn't a porno actress at all. Someone took photos of her and shared them on the net (it could have been her, herself.)
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