A Birthday Tradition

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Almost a year passed by with little said about our wild, erotic experience with my wife’s best friend David. and his roommate I was beginning to think that it was a once in a lifetime experience until.....

One evening while indulging in one of our favorite drinks, Frozen Margarita mixed with Sangria my wife brought up David’s birthday party. She told me how fun it was to be naughty in front of me and said that she would like to do it again.

I assumed that Susie was wanting to plan another overnight with her best friend because his birthday was coming up. I told her I would love to do it again. She smiled ear to ear and said great because I was hoping to go to Greg’s birthday party with you.

I found myself speechless, Greg was my best friend.... After a long pause I asked her if she meant my friend Greg and she said yes.

Greg was turning 40 and Susie said that she wanted to do something special for his birthday. She knew that I was supposed to go to his party the following weekend and she wanted to go as well. My wife and his wife did NOT get along at all. Probably because of the way my wife always flirted with him. His wife Peggy always glared at Susie when she talked to Greg. Now I was really curious as to what she wanted to do that was “special”. I asked her “Are you wanting to fuck Greg?” She replied that she wouldn’t be opposed to it but she didn’t think she could pull that off at a party where his wife was there too.

She said that she would like to try to get Greg away from his wife long enough to give him a blow job. I asked her if I could sleep on it and she reluctantly agreed.

Letting Susie have sex with David, a guy she grew up with, who lived hours away was one thing but Greg... he was my best friend. We see him all the time.... I wasn’t sure if I wanted someone that close to me to be intimate with my wife.

The next evening she anxiously awaited my answer. She was overjoyed when I somewhat reluctantly agreed, deep down I was ok with her giving him a blow job but I was worried his wife would catch them or our other friends would find out and then there would be rumors. Then there was the possibility that there could be trouble if my wife drank too much and got confrontational with Greg’s wife, as she has in the past.

On the day of the party my wife chose to wear jeans and a tight little spaghetti strap top that buttoned in the front, the same one in fact that she wore to David’s Birthday party. She said that if she got him alone she wanted him to have easy access to her boobs. We both giggle at that one.

The party was at Greg’s house and everything was pretty laid back. We all drank and kidded around for a few hours. Then when the crowd started to thin out Greg suggested we head out to the local Casino about 30 minutes away. Susie and I rode with him and his wife and the others followed in their cars.

Once at the casino Greg and I dropped the wives at the front door and parked his car. By the time we found a parking spot and made up to the entrance Greg’s wife had headed off to play the slots with the other women leaving Susie with Greg’s brother and another mutual friend.

We all decided to go to the club to get a drink and my wife made sure to sit between Greg and I. It was loud enough that every time we talked to each other we had to lean across her. I noticed that she had unbuttoned her top two buttons and you could plainly see her areola and nipples if you looked down while leaning over her. I could tell Greg noticed too as he gazed long and hard on several occasions.

Greg excused himself saying he was going to go find someone to dance with since his wife was off with the girls. Susie immediately grabbed his arm and led him onto the dance floor.... just her luck the DJ started playing something slow. When the song was over she came prancing back smiling ear to ear and he approached me rather nervously.

He motioned me off to the side and said “So your wife asked if we can go back to my house for a bit. She said that she had something special to give me for my birthday.” I nodded and filled him in on what her intentions were then asked if he was interested or not. He smiled and said “Hell yea! I thought maybe she was messing with me.” He then asked if he could cum in her mouth. I told him that she prefer not but if it happens, it happens. I also told him that this could only happen if he told no one. He told me not to worry he couldn’t afford a divorce so mum was the word.

So me, my wife, and Greg climbed back in his car. I drove while they warmed up to each other in the back seat. It was so arousing watching my wife kissing another man in the rearview mirror. It was pretty dark as I was driving so it was kind of hard to see exactly what was going on except the occasional street light providing me quick glimpses.

Someone threw something into the front seat. I leaned forward and picked it up I immediately realised that it was my wife’s top. At the next street light I watched as my wife’s topless body came into view as my best friend squeezed her petite breast while he kissed her. It was hard to drive because in between the street lights I wanted to close my eyes and fantasize about what was transpiring in the back seat.

At the next stoplight the intersection was pretty well lit and I got a really good view of them in the back seat. I could see their tongues meeting and his hands roaming my wifes torso and breasts. I was pretty sure that she was stroking his cock as well. At the next light she giggled as she leaned forward and dropped her panties in my lap.

Even though the next street light was dim I could plainly see that my wife was totally nude in the backseat with my best friend. I turned the radio off and listened intently. I was rewarded with the slippery tell tale noise that his fingers had found her pussy.

Once at his house I used his remote and pulled into his garage then closed the door. They both climbed out of the car my wife totally nude and my friend with his shirt and jeans unbuttoned with his cock hanging out. My wife took hold of his cock and led him into his house seeming to love every second of it. She led him to the kitchen stopping to rummage through the refrigerator grabbing some whipped cream and Hershey's chocolate. He tried to direct her to the guest bedroom but my wife insisted that he received his present in his bed. My wife must have REALLY hated his wife to insist this….

Once in Greg’s bedroom my wife proceeded to unwrap her prize. She slid his shirt past his shoulders and let it fall to the ground and eased his jeans past his hips letting them join his shirt. He was going commando so now they were both nude. I left to get my camera which I had forgotten earlier when we went to the casino and brought a chair in from the kitchen so I could watch.

When I returned they both lay on the bed. Greg on his back and Susie on her stomach and they were kissing again. It was such a turn on to watch their tongues intertwine and flicker in and out of each others mouths as their lips would part. After several minutes My wife’s kisses began to work their way down Greg’s chest stopping just before she reached his cock. She asked him if he was ready for his present and he happily said “Oh Yes!”

My wife retrieved the whipped cream and proceeded to cover Greg’s cock. Once she was satisfied she straddled him on her hands and knees with her head positioned over his cock….

She slowly lowered her mouth toward his erect cock, maintaining eye contact with Greg the entire time, then extended her tongue to lick his shaft when all of a sudden his cock sprung up whacking her in the nose. Her face was full of whipped cream and we all began to laugh… My wife wiped her face off and straddled him once again but this time as she leaned down she took hold of his cock and guided it into her mouth with a firm grip. At first I couldn’t see him penetrate my wife’s mouth as I was positioned behind her, It was so erotic watching the back of her head bobbing up and down the slurping sound she would occasionally make nearly sent me over the top...

I couldn’t stand it any longer, I moved to the front of the bed and positioned myself near my friends shoulder for a perfect view of my wife’s mouth and tongue methodically working my Greg’s cock. One moment she would be licking the head the next moment his entire cock would disappear into her mouth and throat until all of a sudden my wife was shocked when he exploded in her mouth. I watched as Susie pulled back while trying to squeeze his cock to restrict the flow....It was an amazing sight to watch as his seed shot into her mouth… She finally successfully squeezed him off or at least what was left and took him in her mouth again before releasing, her cheeks bulged and cum streamed from the corners of her mouth as she couldn’t swallow fast enough…..

Afterward Susie lay next to him stroking Greg’s cock and asking him questions like “Does your wife suck you like that?” and “Does your wife let you cum in her mouth?” It wasn’t long at all until he was hard again and she announced that now she wanted to feel his cock inside her pussy.

Susie took him into her mouth again for a minute or so licking and sucking again until he eagerly rolled her over, grabbed his camera off his nightstand and began filming my wife as he climbed on top of her shoving his newly hardened cock into my wife’s pussy. I continued to watch and take pics myself as as first Greg fucked her on top for a while, her knees were nearly touching her ears as he plunged his cock as deep as it would go into my wife I watched as his hips drove his cock deep into my wife, knowing that each thrust put him closer to orgasm. He filmed his cock sliding in and out of my wife’s pussy for a few moments then focused on her face as he pounded harder and harder....until once again flooding my wife with his seed, this time deep within her pussy.

Afterward my wife lay on the Pillow that Greg’s wife slept on and smiled as she spread her pussy for me to watch as Greg’s semen began to ooze from her pussy. I took my turn quickly adding to her already overflowing pussy. I didn’t last very long as I was sooo excited. My wife wasted no time climbing on back top of Greg for one last fuck before we had to head back to the casino. I watched as she raised and lowered her body over Greg’s cock. I was such a sight to watch it disappear inside her...She began to bounced harder and faster on his cock until Greg began to grunt as he could not hold back any longer... She leaned forward and began to kiss him as he once again unloaded inside my wife. I watched as their tongues met and flickered then met again.

My wife sat on Greg’s exhausted cock until it slipped out of her slick pussy. Afterward Greg checked his phone and there were a bunch of texts from his brother and wife. They we looking for us.

Greg got dressed and Susie made the bed back up as I watched cum dribble down her inner thigh. She was still nude because her clothes were in the car in the garage. Greg still couldn’t take his eyes off of her. Watching her ass with every step she took and taking in her breasts and pussy when she would face him.

Finally we were ready and my wife dressed in the garage and we headed back. On the way, I finally got my blow job for the evening making sure she swallowed every drop, after all the freedom I had given her for the evening I deserved it! My wife only asked my permission for the blow job but I figured if she had enough to drink and got horny enough she would want more. By the time we got back we had been gone for nearly 3 hours and everyone was still looking for us. We told them that my wife had too much to drink and we had her outside for some fresh air. Greg made sure to leave his phone in the car so he had an excuse for not responding .

When I finally got my wife home I noticed that she wasn’t wearing her panties. I started to panic because I was afraid my friends wife would find them. She laughed and said she gave her cum soaked panties to my friends brother at the casino. Seems he was able to put two and two together... Best Friends BDay (1).JPG Best Friends BDay (2).JPG Best Friends BDay (4).JPG Best Friends BDay (5).JPG Best Friends BDay (6).JPG Best Friends BDay (7).JPG Best Friends BDay (9).JPG Best Friends BDay (10).JPG Best Friends BDay (11).JPG Best Friends BDay (13).JPG Best Friends BDay (15).JPG Best Friends BDay (16).JPG Best Friends BDay (17).JPG Best Friends BDay (19).JPG Best Friends BDay (20).JPG Best Friends BDay (21).JPG Best Friends BDay (2).JPG Best Friends BDay (4).JPG Best Friends BDay (5).JPG Best Friends BDay (6).JPG Best Friends BDay (7).JPG Best Friends BDay (9).JPG Best Friends BDay (10).JPG Best Friends BDay (11).JPG Best Friends BDay (13).JPG Best Friends BDay (15).JPG Best Friends BDay (16).JPG Best Friends BDay (17).JPG Best Friends BDay (21).JPG Best Friends BDay (20).JPG
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