Wife's quickie. with my boss

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    It was a hot and humid afternoon. Me and my boss Jeff were mowing an apartment complex. He was out front. On the zero turn mower. I was in the back,as usual with the push mower. My wife come driving in. Showing off in her new Corvette. She parks behind the landscape box truck.

    Jeff spots her and comes over,checking out the car. " I know you didn't buy this,on what I pay Mikey. "

    " Hell No! The company I run actually turns a profit. So I can afford a nice car. " She tried to be as cocky and arrogant as possible." And since you brought it up. You know Mikey has worked for you for over ten years. Don't you think it's time you give him a raise? " All this was going in one ear and out the other. Jeff looked aggravated. He often looked at his watch.

    " Time is wasting Misty. What do you want? "

    " Can Mikey have the rest of the day off? "

    " Off?..You don't see how big this place is? "

    " Well It don't get dark until eight a clock. "

    " I got a life to you know! What do I get out of it? " Misty unbuttons her blouse. Giving him a good look at her cleavage. " I'll give you a blow job. " She licks her lips.

    " A blow job? " Jeff all most looks offended. " The girl from 27 B. Gave me more than that,a while a go. " Misty opens her car door. Her mini skirt was high up on her thigh. Jeff gives her bare legs a good long look.

    " You see something you like? " She licks her lips again. He smiles and nods. She gets out of the car.

    " Okay Jeffery. Where are we going to fuck? " He points to the back of the box truck. She looks inside of it.

    " It's filthy in there! "

    " It was good enough for the girl from 27 B. "

    " You such a fucking pig! I see now. Why you have been divorced five times. " She carefully walks up the ramp in her high heels. Jeff closes the door,and turns on the lights.

    " I've been waiting years to see those big tits. " Misty strips down and hangs her cloths on one of the trimmer racks. He has his cock out. She gets on her knees. And takes his sweaty cock in to her mouth.

    " Mmmmmmmm....Feels good Misty! " She works his dick hard,hoping she can get him off with just a blow job. Using her throat muscles,and coddling his balls.

    " Damn! Mikey was right. You do know how to suck a dick. " She lets his cock go.

    " He tells you about our sex life? " She asks concerned.

    " Mikey tells me everything. We have no secrets. " He then went to tell her about the time. I put the dog collar on her,and made her crawl around and bark. And about the time I dressed her up like a little girl. For her to call me Daddy.

    " I'm going to kick his ass! " She said getting up. She bends over the handle bar of the walk behind mower. Jeff slides his cock in to her hot wet pussy.

    " Ohhhhhhhhh....Your tighter than I thought. " He grabs her hips and pounds her. Outside I walk up,needing to refuel the mower. I hear the mower banging against the wall of the trailer.

    " Harder!...Jeffery!...Harder!...Fuck Me Like you mean it! " I open the door to watch. My dick instantly gets hard. Nothing is hotter than me watching my wife getting fucked. Jeff lets his nut go,deep inside her. He slides his spent cock out.

    " Dude! That's my wife your fucking! " He turns to me and smiles.

    " She just bought you the rest of the day off. "

    " Awesome! " Misty looked at me,as she was getting dressed. " No it's not awesome! He didn't get me off. "

    " You didn't get her off? " Jeff just shrugged his shoulders. " Dude That is so not cool! "

    " No your going to get me off,eating his cream pie. Then I'm going to stake you out in the yard naked,and make you bark. "

    " Thanks boss. " Misty then burns rubber,leaving the apartment complex.