When the girl thinks it's hot.....

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    I have noticed that pretty much anything sexual that the woman I am with is into or turns her on becomes the hottest thing to me even if before hand I wasn't sure about it , thought it was weird , or just wasn't excited about. I am all about pleasing the woman , yes I want to get off but my excitement comes from her cumming ! For example when I gave a girl her first mfm threesome I had had a few but how much she enjoyed it got me off. I love going down on girls , probably my favorite thing but when I was suddenly told to go down on a girl right after I had came deep inside her I came again quick right after she did! And another example would be when a woman I was with wanted to masturbate while I told her about sex with othersand how hard she would get off! I was not sure about it at first but itmade me rock hard and came soon after her. It is easy to getme off so I focus on the woman . I have had many other experiences such as this , it makes kink just hot and normal. How about you?
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    LOL--kink is already normal. Enjoy.
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    You are correct , I miss spoke/typed lol. Thanks!