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    when i was in my twenties quite a few years ago i was in the navy,we docked in portsmouth and me and a couple of friends went to a bar that we were told had lots of girls which is what we wanted at our age,we walked in and my eyes fell on a chinese girl and after a while we got chating her name was Li,after a hour or so she asked if i wanted to come back to her place i said yes when we got there she intoduced me to her sister who must have been her twin they looked the same,i thought hope she goes out when Li said would you mind if my sister joined us in a cool way i said if thats what you want then yes when infact inside i was saying yes please,we went to the bedroom and stripped they both had great bodies small breasts but as they say more than a mouthful is a waste,Li had a shaved pussy and her sister a nicely trimmed one,we layed on the bed with me in the middle i tried without succcess to massage both their pussies at the same time,then Li moved into the middle and her sister and I started to suck her nipples and both our hands went down and our fingers went inside her pussy until she was very wet,we then changed places and her sister went in the middle and we did the same to her until she was very wet,then my turn in the middle Li put my cock in her mouth and sucked very gently while her sister straddled my head so i could lick the sides of her pussy until she was wet then i sucked on her clit she loved it,it wasnt long before i cum in Li mouth dont know if she swollowed or spat it out at that time i couldnt care i was in heaven.after a while we got dressed and i got a taxi back to the ship.that night cost me nearly a weeks wages but it was worth it for the memory it left.has anyone any stories they want to pm me as i have more of my life at sea :)
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