What's your favorite body type?

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    Sep 19, 2006
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    A small little waist, and a curvey round bottom drive me wild! Also when a see a girl with full, rounded thighs I immediatly imagine my hands gently caressing them, especially on the upper inside! A nice oval shaped tummy provides my hands with limitless entertainment when have sex "spoon style"! Generally I prefer small breasts, with good, responsive nipples to suck on! And I enjoy switching from 1 breast to the other every few minutes! In my part of the world white skin is less common. For a long time I had a "light chocolate milk" color fetish, but now I realize all colors are beautiful! I like dark brown, almost black colored eyes. I like hair I can fool around with! Be it straight or curly, to run my fingers through it slowly is a super turn on! From carrot red to indigo black, all hair colors are cool, but I prefer it to be natural. Downstairs I definitely have fun with the bush! Moderately trimmed, but enough to play with! I've identified 2 general pussy types: those with large lips that stick out, and those with tiny lips that barely stick out at all. I love 'em both! They both do the job equally well! The long lipped kind you have to kind you sometimes have a bit more flesh to go through before you get to the "magic botton", but there's more for your tongue and mouth to play around with! The small lipped kind are cute, and compact and everything is easy to find! What about you guys?