What online models you think have the nicest body's?

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    Of course this could apply to pornstars or women in magazines etc but there has been some pretty women with AMAZING bodys over time that I have seen online and who's almost perfect bodys have just blown me away. I know its subjective but I was just curious what female models body's do you generally find the most attractive and why? some I think COULD be a lot more attractive had they not had boob jobs or other things but anyway here is my short list and maybe some of you might agree on some or one.

    1: online model and sex/porn star Ann Angel - AMAZING proportunate body with all the classic curves with the full right sized boobs and wide hips (moreso when she was younger and before childbirth)

    2: latina playboy playmate and model Jessica Burciaga - AMAZING little petite body with nice natural tan and wide hips and pretty bum and pretty face that many say looks like JLo

    3: online model and pornstar Rita G - AMAZING body and some of the nicest boobs I have ever seen on a woman

    4: ex-online model/pornstar Raven Riley - beautiful hips and body and nice tanned skin

    5: online model Mindy Vega - pretty and petite with incredible bum

    6: online model latina Janessa Brazil - pretty with amazing ass although her boobs I do not like and look too fake

    7: playboy playmate Monica Leigh - nice voluptious womanly body with nice hips and ass although her breasts look TOO fake and take away a lot of her attractiveness

    8: playboy playmate Kimberley Stanfield - sweet face and beautiful bum and nice chest she also has a certain girly cuteness about her that's appealing

    9: online latina porn star Abella Anderson - cute little petite full body but preferred her before the boob job.
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    I do agree with Ann Angel, I'd add Ashlynn Brooke she just drives my crazy uncertain if she had a boob job due to her not having many videos.

    Sara Jean Underwood, playboy model - my idea of the girl next door, she can knock on my door any day.