Truth or Dare,

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    One day while growing up my neighbor hood friends all came to play, we played spin the bottle and Truth or dare.there were sis boys and six girls when we started but most had to leave during the game leaving me with four girls. They decided to make make take off my pants and under wear and then they decided to one at a time start touching and storing and grabbing my tickles I said they said yes it's suppose to tickle. They each placed spit on it and continued to stroke it then one girl grabbed it and began to suck my cock while the others played with my balls. I was hard as a rock. Tickles going all the way through my body! I could feel my cum boiling up in my balls wanting to explode out. One other girl a blue eyed blond grabbed my cock an it in her hand r and harder harder faster then boom my cock exploded cum when everywhere. The girls laughed and giggled and then we cleaned up