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    Years ago after getting separated, I met a woman after seeing her on a website. We talked for a bit online through that site. She decided that I was not that far along from the separation. So she said that she was going to move along and find somebody else. I said, okay. After 20 years not sure what I was looking for. I had been talking with many women, met "two" and found out what I was from other women.

    Fast forward. She emailed me back after a week and we started talking through the site again and found out she still was intrigued with me. We talked on phone and and then we met. Over dinner we found out about each other. Her kids, my kids the later more about the former husband and wife. After a few kid phone calls and a couple of drinks in the bar, I asked her if I could kiss her. I leaned over the table and kissed her lips for the first time. She could could kiss and I was in. I was hard as a rock penis wise and when we went out to say goodbye, which was not really the end, I had to do a side kiss so she could not feel my rock hard erection for her. We did go to her car and finished up the night. Nothing sexual, just the lets see if this will work. Over six years later, we are still together, but 25 miles apart. Sadly we don't see each other that much.

    Three dates later we made love in the back of the van!!!
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