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    Many men, of various sizes, worry about the size of their penis. For various reasons many men are unsatisfied and insecure with what they have been given. There is a well known contributor on another site that says penis size, at the extreme ends of the range, may cause issues but in between the range most, if not all, issues can be managed. In fact, often there really isn't an issue at all.

    I cannot speak for all men but I have learned a few things about size related concerns and insecurity from reading forums such as this one, speaking with people whose opinions on the subject I value and by reflecting on my own experience.

    These thoughts, some learned here, are from my perspective and about myself but I hope they will resonate with others.

    I always thought I was small... I am not. There is a big difference between being small and feeling small. It took me years to understand that.

    My insecurity was as unnecessary as it was unattractive.

    My insecurity has had a worse effect on intimacy in my relationships than the size of my penis has.

    If anyone told me they thought less of me as a man because of my size I would be disappointed in them so why do I allow myself to think this way?

    Why is it so much easier to use the opinions of the minority (those who are entitled to and have strong preferences for larger penises) to validate my insecurities instead of listening to the majority that would tell me I am ok just as I am?

    I have spent a lot of time worrying about something that, in the grand scheme of things, meant very little. And, it meant far less to others than it ever did to me.

    No one else needed to change... I did; so I have worked hard to do so.

    For me the significance of this issue has been far worse in my imagination than it has been in real life. I have learned a lot and it has changed the way I see myself.

    Thank you to those here that have helped me and try to help others!
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    Thank you for so eloquently expressing your thoughts on this issue. My friend, this should be required reading.
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    THIS POST! Oh, man, I wish there was a "Favorite" button rather than just "Like." I'm not gonna say anything further. I'm feeling you pretty much said all that needs to be said already.
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    You know.....well done sir