The Soft Touch

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    This story has been a long time working on it. Going on 3 yrs. I do want to ask that no one copies this story and try to pass it off as there own. I worked hard on it and I wanted to share with the group, I only have chapter 1 and chapter 2 done so far. I hope you enjoy the story. When I finish chapter 3 I'll post it here. Enjoy!!!

    The Soft Touch
    Chapter One

    It was a warm summer weekend. Lily went to a concert of a hot band. She was in the front row middle seat. She watched the concert for two in a half-hours. She kept day dreaming about the lead singer Kevin. At the end of the concert on the last song, Kevin threw a towel and Lily caught it. Next to her was a little girl around ten years old. The little girl looked sad, so Lily gave her the towel. Lily didn’t know that Kevin had seen her give the towel to the little girl. On her way out the door, the security personal stopped her and asked Lily if she wanted to meet the group. Lily said "yes of course"! The security personal led her to a back room. Lily knocked on the door and Kevin said "come on in, your name is Lily right"? Lily said "yes my name is Lily’ He said "I seen what you did for that little girl. That’s the first that I have ever seen a fan give something like that away of mine".

    They talked for awhile and after about an hour or so. Kevin asked, " Can I give you a ride home" Lily said " thank you I would like that very much". Kevin took Lily home in a small blue four-door ford tempo. On the way home they talked and laughed. When he pulled up in Lily’s driveway, he leaned over and kissed her. Lily of course kissed him back. They sat in the car kissing for about an hour. Then Lily said "I’m sorry I need to go in now" Kevin said "OK, can you come to the concert tomorrow night also? I’ll give you a backstage pass and put you in the front row. I would really like to see you again Lily." Lily said " I would really in joy that very much, thank you"

    The next night Lily was picked up by one of the group’s wife. Lily walked out of the house wearing the tee shirt she bought the night before. They set off for the concert hall; Lily was so nerves that she looked really pale. The wife said " Lily honey, don’t be afraid, he is one of the sweetest guys that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He really likes you honey." So they went on their way to the concert. When Lily stepped put of the car, she couldn’t believe all the people waiting to get in to the concert. They went in the back door. Kevin was there waiting for Lily. He said " I’m so happy you came tonight Lily, this means a lot to me, thank you" Kevin led Lily to the dressing room where she talked to the other group members and their wives. Towards the opening of the first song. The Kevin said " Lily would you be here after the concert?"

    Lily said " Yes I will if u want me here, I’ll be here." Then Kevin gave her a soft kiss. Lily fell in love with him. The security personal escorted her out to her seat. The beginning of the concert Kevin came out, and he said "this concert tonight is dedicated to a very special girl in my life." He smiles and looked at Lily. During the concert every song they sang, he would look at Lily and smile. During a certain song, Lily mentioned the night before it was one of her favorite songs. Kevin said, " This song is dedicated to the one I love" He looked straight at Lily and smiled. By then the fans in the front row had realized he was talking to Lily. They asked her questions after questions

    Lily said nothing about her and Kevin. After the concert, Lily pulls out her backstage pass. All of the fans waiting for an autograph gets upset and shocked. Lily went to the dressing room. The group was in there with their wives, getting cleaned up.

    Kevin comes up to Lily and says " your so pretty tonight, even with my shirt on." Kevin asked Lily, " Would you like to come back to the hotel with us, we are having a small get together?" Lily said, " yes thank you". So they left for the hotel, Lily sat in the back with the group and their wives. As they approached the hotel the driver went to the back door. They all got out, and Kevin put his arm around Lily and said, " I hope this won’t be a weird scene for you." Lily shook her head no; " I love parties". Lily said.

    Inside the hotel they went up to their rooms. The entire group had there own rooms. Kevin asked Lily " Would like to come with me, or stay with the wives?" Lily said, "no I will come with you." They both smiled. In the room Lily looked around and was surprised on how plain it was. While Kevin was in the bathroom changing. He asked Lily " this isn’t making you feel weird is it?" Lily reply back " no I’m fine thank you." All of a sudden Kevin comes out, he is looking very sexy. He approaches Lily and asked her " would you like to dance?" Lily said, " yes I would thank you".

    They started to dance to a very slow song. During the end of the song, he put his hand on her soft face. Touching it ever so softly. He asked " would it be OK, if I kissed you?" Lily shook her head yes. Kevin leaned in and kissed her oh so softly. Lily kissed back. After he pulled away from Lily. She said, " I have never been kissed like that before." He leaned over and kissed her again ever so softly. They kissed, and kissed, until they were on his bed. Kevin asked, " I’m I going to fast for you?" Lily said " no your going just the right speed."

    He kissed her again ever so softly. He started on her lips, moving down to her soft white neck. Kissing her all over, slowly moving down further and further down her body. Lily asked, " aren’t we going to be late for the party?" He said ever so softly, " we are in no hurry, do you want me to stop?" Lily said, " no I am enjoying it." He resumed kissing her along her neck working his way down her legs. Kissing her all over her sweet soft body.

    Lily pulled him up close to her. Kissing him ever softly, starting from his lips working her way down his body. Kissing him softly. He said " Lily come back up here honey, I want to touch you". Lily came back up to Kevin’s soft hands and lips. Kevin asked Lily, " Would you like to try out the hot tub?" Lily smiled and said, " yes I would let’s go." Kevin replies back with a soft smile, that melted away Lily’s heart. While going to the hot tub, Kevin put in a Phil Collins CD. The song "A Groovy Kind of Love" came across. Lily said with a soft voice, " that is one of my favorite songs. Kevin smiled and joined Lily in the hot tub. He started kissing her all over, until they couldn’t control there hot and sweaty bodies anymore.

    C h a p t e r T w o

    Kevin started to kiss her with long lingering kisses all over. Lily started to whimper and moan. Then Lily did the same to Kevin in return. Kissing him from his lips traling down with hands and lips until she reached his hard cock. The water was warm and they cuddled kissing and fondling each other bodies. Then Kevin helped Lily out of the hot tub and into his bed and laid Lily down so gently, then Kevin laid down beside her. Lily rolled over and started to place kisses all over Kevin's face and neck, soon Kevin said I want you. Kevin rolled over and place his big hard cock in Lily's tight warm pussy. They fuck with the most tenderness. Afterwards Kevin leaned up on one arm and asked Lily would she like to go on tour with him? Lily looked up and smiled and said I would love to Kevin. Kevin smiled and bent over kissing Lily. Later that night Kevin drove Lily home and kissed her goodnight, Lily said goodnight back.

    The next day Kevin calls and gave Lily the details of the plans. The group was schedule to leave that afternoon. Lily packed her things and Waited for Kevin to Pick her up. Lily's parents said becareful and we love you honey, call us every week and let us know ur ok. Lily promised and kissed then goodbye. Kevin arrived and Lily set out for adventure. Traveling with Kevin was exciting. Lily loved it. Kevin and Lily got to know each other better. They talked the entire trip to the next city.

    Lily finally admitted to Kevin that she was a big fan. Kevin smiled and kissed her hand and said I figured you were a fan, cause you came to the show. When they stopped for lunch there was a crowd and they reconized the group. The fans rushed over for autographs and the group signed autographs for about half hour.

    After that day the newpapers ran a story that Kevin had a new girl and she was travling with the band. At the next stop on the tour Keven and Lily went up to there room to unpack. The group had interviews to do. So Lily stayed in the room until Kevin came back. While Lily was unpacking her clothes she sat and thought about what was happing. Here she was on tour with her favorite band and dating the lead singer. Lily had, had dreams about this day when she was younger. They started when she was 13. Lily was just starting to feel the feelings young girls go through as they get older. Lily sat on the bed and thought back to her dreams when she was younger and she smiled. One of the dreams Lily had was she was standing outside of there hotel trying to get a autograph and she spots Kevin coming out of the hotel, and she goes up and asked could she have a autograph. Kevin smiled and said "yes my sweet". After Kevin signs the album cover he leans over and gives Lily a kiss on the lips. Lily was smiling so much remembering her dreams.

    Then another dream came to mind, Lily was 16 and she just got done watching one of there concert videos before bed. Lily thought back on the dream and smiled. The dream started as Lily was walking home from school, and she seen this lost little girl. Lily stopped and asked her "where was your mom and dad?" The little said she got lost and her name was Sarah Smith. Lily took her home with her and called the local police. They came out and asked Sarah how old she was and Sarah said "three years." Then the officer took her picture and asked her who her parent were. Sarah said her daddy's name was Kevin. Then it dawned on Lily that she knew Kevin from her favorite band had a little three year old girl named Sarah. So Lily ran to her room and got her scrapbook and opened it up to the pictures of Kevin, his ex wife and his daughter. There was Sarah's picture and showed it to the police officer and she said "I'll go make a report and try to get a hold of her parents". The officer was about ready to take Sarah with him when she started crying and hanging onto Lily. Lily asked "could Sarah stay with her she is scared and obviously didn't want to leave" the officer said "ok, I'll leave her here with you, but you better be here when I get back" Lily agreed and the officer left.

    Then the next part of Lily's dream was she recived a phone call from officer saying "I got a hold of Kevin Smith, he is on his way over with me to pick up his daughter" Lily couldn't belive that Kevin Smith was going to be in her house. Lily ran around making sure the house was cleaned and she changed clothes. Sarah played with Lily's old barbie dolls she had. Then a knock on the door. Lily answered it and smiled so big. There was Kevin Smith standing on her porch. Lily invited them in and said "please have a seat" Sarah heard her daddy's voice and came running saying "daddy" Kevin hugged Sarah so sweetly that it brung tears to Lily's eyes. The Kevin looked up at Lily and said "thank you so much for finding my little girl and taking good care of her. I owe you my life" Lily smiled and said "I was happy to take her in, I seen her lost and stopped and helped." Kevin stood up and gave Lily a hug and asked "are you a fan Lily? The officer said you had a scrapbook that you had my picture in." Lily blushed and said "yes I do, your my favorite singer and band" Kevin seen the scrapbook picked it up took out a pen and sign the book: To Lily, thank you for looking after my daughter. I owe you, and thank you for liking my music. Love Kevin Smith. Lily looked at the book and smiled so big. Then Kevin asked "would you like to come to our concert tomorrow night?" Lily looked at him and said I would love too, but the tickets were sold out" Kevin smiled at her and said "I'll take care of the tickets, you just go to the box office and give them your name and they will give you the tickets" Lily said "thank you" Kevin leaved over and gave Lily a kissed on her cheek and said "thank you again your a angel, and what is your favortite song?" Lily looked at him and said "Falling" Kevin smiled and said "ok I'll play that song for you tomorrow, my way of saying thank you" They stood to leave and Sarah ran over and gave Lily a hug and kiss. Lily smiled as she remembered that dream. Then Kevin walked into the room and greeted Lily with a loving kiss.

    Chapter 3

    Lily was a little worrried about the press and what they would say about her. Kevin looked over at Lily smiled and said "I love you, and I want to tell the world". Lily was still shy and wanted to keep a low profile, but before long the press and fans were on her like hot cakes. They interview her family and friends, there were pictures taken non stop and things said about Lily. Kevin and Lily went on with the tour. One evening after a show they were getting on the plane for the next city. Lily started drinking wine and got a little tipsy and went to Kevin and asked "could I talk to you alone for a second" Looking around the only place to talk was in the plane's bathroom. Kevin followed Lily, the bathroom wasn't the biggest place. Once they got into the bathroom and closed the door, Lily started kissing Kevin. Kevin of course kissed her back with equal favor. Then Lily broke away for a second and said "I want to fuck you here and now" Kevin looked at her shocked and them smiled. Lily made her way down the front of Kevin's pants. Lily played with his hard cock through his pants then she unzipped Kevin's pants and took his hard cock out. Lily took his cock in her mouth and started sucking and licking. Kevin closed his eyes and was enjoying it. Lily started going faster as she played with his big balls and rubbing his ass. Kevin put his hands on her head and started pushing her head down on his cock saying "go faster baby, it feels so good" Lily took his big cock deeper in her mouth sucking, licking with her tounge all over.

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