The Shower

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    I push open the bathroom door and a billowing wave of steam pours out of the room. You are in the shower, your back to me. I can barely discern your outline through the fogged glass. As the steam settles, however, my view happily improves. I can now see the profile of your body: the smooth lines of your legs, the softly-rounded globes of your ass, the gentle curves of your breasts. The sight of your succulent body keeps me riveted in place, my eyes locked on this unfolding scene, my arousal beginning to steadily grow.

    I watch you through the glass as the hot water cascades over you. Your hands slide gracefully along your curves, lathering your body, lingering in spots. Pausing as you reach your breasts, you cup them and run your hands over their flesh. Softly you caress their fullness and gently tease your nipples. Your head tossed back, you let the shower jets massage your body. I see you shifting your legs and I know — I hope — you are getting excited. As my erection grows, I fight the urge to throw caution to the wind. I am resolved to simply continue to watch.

    Leaving one hand to fondle your breasts, the other hand follows the warm streams of water as they flow down your body. Sensually, your hand crosses your stomach and approaches the junction of your thighs. As your fingers disappear between your legs, I hear a soft sigh over the shower’s noise. I know from your moans that your hand had found your special spot.

    Although the steamy glass prevents a clear view, I watch as you stroke your body. Slippery hands, gliding across your body and into your hidden valley. Gentle hands, teasing your breasts and pleasing the inner reaches of your pleasure. I watch in silence, wishing my hands were your hands.

    As this unexpected show continues, my cock grows into a full-fledged hard-on. It practically throbs with each beat of my now-racing heart. I cannot resist the urge to unleash it, stroking its length in time with your movements. You are not yet aware of my presence. We continue to masturbate, you on one side of the shower glass and me on the other. As your hand increases in speed, so does mine, and we begin building toward our orgasms.

    I watch as you continue to administer to your body, dipping your fingers into your own wetness. Through the steam, I cannot be certain. But given the familiar sounds coming from the shower, I know you must be running your fingers over the outline of your clit. My cock in hand, I imagine the feel of the soft, warm folds of your lips as they envelope your fingers. I imagine how wet and luscious you are right now, as your fingers are sliding effortlessly into your sweetness.

    As I watch your hand move, your moaning increases in volume and tempo. I know you are approaching bliss as I, in my own world on the other side of the glass, grip my prick and continue to masturbate toward my own orgasm. I close my eyes and envision your lips wrapped around my length. My hand continues its travels up and down the length of my cock, stroking to this fantasy. As the water falls over you, your cries of pleasure fill the room completely. I close my eyes and prepare to finish myself off.

    I don’t know if I made some noise, or if you just sensed someone in the room. But, in the moment, I don’t really care. All I know is that the sound of the water stopping and the shower door opening causes me to stop mid-stroke. Before you even step out, you are greeted with the sight of me leaning against the bathroom sink, my shorts wrapped around my ankles, my cock still in hand. I become all the more embarrassed as you say nothing. You slowly take in this scene, brazenly staring at my body. At last, you break your silence.

    “You naughty boy,” you say, half scolding, half teasing. “You were watching me, weren’t you?”

    “Yes,” I sputter. There is little else I can say.

    “Did I make you excited?” you coyly ask. It seems to be a silly question in light of my current state. I glance down at my still obvious arousal, and then look sheepishly back at you.

    You respond with an inviting smile. “What are we going to do about that?”

    Not waiting for my response, you reach to again start the water. I frantically step out of my shorts and kick off my shoes. I step into the shower as your turn around to face me. Reaching down, you purr approvingly as you take the length of my cock in your hands. Keeping your grip firmly on my manhood, you kiss me passionately. Your tongue meets mine, swirling together. Your kisses quickly increase in intensity. Playful bites pull my lips towards yours. Breathless nibbling against my ear. Forceful kisses along my neckline, certain to leave mark. Your mouth travels across my chest, where your tongue teasingly circles my nipples. Encouraged by my moans, your teeth gently bite my flesh, leaving me weak-kneed. Sensing my impatient desire, you elect to take a direct route down my body, crossing my stomach and arriving quickly at your goal. Your hand tilts my rigid length away from my body, and you slip its enlarged head into your waiting mouth. We groan in unison as your lips close around the crown of my cock.

    Opening my eyes, I look down. I am met by your gaze, looking up at me with lustful brown eyes. Without breaking eye contact, you slowly feed my shaft deeper into your mouth. More and more of my length disappears, until your mouth is filled with my hardness. Your hands are firmly on my ass, pulling me closer still. Your lips wrapped tight around the base
    of my shaft, I feel your tongue administering to the underside of my cock. Pleasure radiates across my crotch. You momentarily release your suction on me, stroking my throbbing cock with your hand and licking your lips as you continue staring into my eyes.

    I beg you to again give me your mouth. Without hesitation, you devour my cock. Your tongue lashes out and laps at the head, swirling around and around the crown. You stroke my length and squeeze the shaft. As you lick and kiss my tip, my erection, as well as your lips and chin, become coated with saliva. Your eyes close as your hands continue stroking me, and your tongue continues licking my slippery cockhead.

    Looking down, I see that one hand has traveled south, where your fingers are working furiously on your own desire. The sight of you pleasuring yourself while enjoying my cock excites me even more. I begin a pumping motion through your fingers, only to be held still by your tightening hand. Your grip makes it clear this is to be your blow job. You are in control, and I am not to do anything but stand still and enjoy it.

    You take hold my dick and lick along the shaft to my balls. Reaching the sac, you tickle them with your extended tongue. You lift my balls with your hand and gently suck them. I am forced to grab hold of the shower head to keep myself standing. My trembling legs testify to your talents. Slipping my erect organ again into your mouth, you begin a sliding motion up and down my length. As your mouth engulfs me, your tongue again swirls around my shaft, working me further into a frenzy. You are no longer looking into my eyes, content to instead concentrate on the hard cock in your mouth. My prick continues pistoning up and down between the oval of your lips. You cup and squeeze my balls, as if coaxing the cum from them. As I watch your head bob on my prick, I feel myself nearing eruption.

    “I’m gonna cum,” I warn. My statement of the obvious only seems to encourage you. You must feel my cock swell as I near the edge. Spurned on, you plunge my cock in and out of your mouth, faster and faster, relying solely on your lips and tongue to deliver my pleasure. Your head becomes a blur at my crotch as you hunger to taste my release.

    At last, my body gives in to the inevitable. The force of my first spurt surprises you, coating the back of your mouth. You hold my shaft in your hand, your fingers detecting every convulsion of my erupting cock. Your lips are firmly wrapped around its swollen head, sucking greedily. Each convulsion is accompanied by another squirt of cum. Your suction leaves me breathless, as you milk the cum from my body, sucking and squeezing until you have pulled it all in, leaving me dry.

    Continued in The Shower Part II
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    Wow that is pretty good I can't wait to read the 2nd half.