The Shower Part II

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    I struggle to regain my senses as you noisily lick my cock clean. Eventually, you release me from the warmth of your mouth. Climbing back up my body, your lips reacquaint themselves with mine in a passionate embrace. The taste of myself on your lips and tongue keeps my arousal alive. Your own arousal is also readily apparent. Your nipples are erect as you rub yourself against my chest. They pop out towards me, as you increase the friction generated from our closeness. After several more deep kisses, I step back. I can no longer resist the urge to fondle and kiss your sensitive tits. Your chest heaves as first contact with my mouth is made. You cup your breasts in your palms, presenting them for my attention.

    I kiss the perimeter of each breast, working from one to the other. My lips take hold of your nipples, my tongue encouraging their erectness. Love bites cause you to coo with pleasure. Holding your breasts together, my tongue captures both your nipples in my mouth. You purr with delight as I suck them in. As you push your body towards me, I know your level of arousal is reaching new heights. I am eager to see how high we can go.

    Traveling down from your breasts, I leave a trail of caresses and kisses across your chest and stomach. On my knees, I reach the crest of your pleasure zone. Lifting one leg slightly, my mouth kisses around your inner thighs. Slowly, I work my way along the top of your thigh to the knee. Once there, my mouth moves slightly inward and begins a return route toward the junction of your thighs. Skirting your sweet spot once again, I move along the thigh of your other leg in a similar manner. Twice more I take this trip along your legs, each time approaching closer and closer to the center of your lust.

    With each passing journey your body responds as if starved for my touch. Unashamed, you press your womanhood to my face as I pass by, your body completely open as if it was an unwrapped gift. I see the glistening of your lips, moist with anticipation, inviting my further exploration. I continue kissing and licking, slowly working my way toward our shared goal. Your hips push outward, in search of my teasing tongue. My mouth moves away from you each time, only

    You let out a long, guttural moan at the first contact of lips on lips. You allow your weight to rest of my open mouth. Extending my tongue, I begin probing your slit and lapping at your dripping wetness. My tongue like a soft spoon, I drag it along the length of your opening, savoring the sweet taste of your juices. I simply love your smell, your taste. As you hold my head in your hands, I give you long deliberate licks along your crevice. Your head tossed back, your body squirms in return and tease again. Finally, to satisfy your impatient longing, I take hold of your ass cheeks and pull you closer. Together we adjust your body so that your wet, swollen desire is right before my eyes.

    Shifting your body ever so slightly, you place your clit on the tip of my tongue. Eager to return the pleasure you gave me, I begin an assault on the centerpiece of your lust. I take your bud lightly between my lips, rolling the roughness of my tongue across this bundle of nerves. As I gently pull on it, your wetness drenches my face.

    Alternating my approach, I dip my tongue far inside you. I then return to circle your clit and lick your sex lips. Lapping and tonguing, I continue to coax you toward a climax. Around and around I drive my tongue, licking, sucking, teasing, rolling, tasting your flowing honey. We both want you to come on my mouth. We both want to feel your walls tremble with pleasure, closing in around my tongue.

    Your breathing is rapid and I can sense your orgasm fast approaching. I tongue you with urgency, concentrating on your clit as you rock your body uncontrollably against my face. Your body is shuddering, and I struggle to maintain contact. As you near the edge, my hands take hold of your hips. Holding you tightly in place, my kisses deliver their final offering.

    Your body quakes as your climax washes over you, wave upon wave of pure satisfaction. Your hands cup the sides of my head, keeping my mouth and tongue centered on your lust. As your body trembles uncontrollably, the flow of your wetness overwhelms me with desire. I eagerly continue lapping and licking you, attempting to gather as much of your juice as possible. I press my mouth over you, hungrily sucking on you as your orgasm slowly subsides. Finally assured your climax is complete, I rest my head in the warm triangle of your crotch. After a minute or two, your still shaky body slides down to the shower floor to join me. Between gasping breaths, you kiss my lips, my face, my body. Your hands roam over me, finding my body is still very much excited by your touch and eager for more. Without saying a word, your lust-filled eyes convey your desire: you want me to enter you

    Standing up, you place your feet as wide apart as you can in the shower. Bent at the waist, you grab hold off the faucet handles for support. A most pleasant sight comes into view between your legs. My engorged cock twitches with desire.

    Holding my length in hand, I move up behind you. I rub the tip of my cock along your slit several times, coating it with your sweet lubrication. A jolt of pleasure flows through your body. We are both so aroused that even this simple action causes us to moan with lust. I continue teasing you for a few strokes more, until my own desire forces me to slip myself inside your folds.

    Slowly, I push forward and slide easily into your warm, wet confines. Instantly, I feel your vagina convulse around me, squeezing my member tightly. Your body again shudders with pleasure, as yet another orgasm follows upon the last. I pause briefly, allowing your body to adjust to the size of my shaft. You look back at me, a look that tells me you want to be fucked. I too am beside myself with desire. Holding your hips steady, I begin the rhythm we both enjoy so much. The slap of my skin against yours provides our soundtrack. My balls spank against you with each thrust. After just a few moments, you are muttering unintelligibly. The only thing clear is your insatiable lust.

    Each time I pull my cock out, your folds grip me tightly and provide new stimulation for your clit. To keep some semblance of control, I slow our pace. I withdraw until only my head remains inside you, wait a second, and then reverse direction and plunge back into your warmth. From my vantage point, I have the pleasure of watching my length travel in and out of your body. Even in the wet shower, my cock is glistening with your moistness. I see your sticky lips clinging to my shaft as he pulls away from your insides. The sight of my hard cock wrapped by your flesh brings me ever closer to the edge.

    Leaning forward, I reach for your breasts. Cupping your breasts from behind, I tease your erect nipples between my fingers. As I tweak your buds, my cock continues to fully fill your wetness. I can feel you thrusting back against me, eager to meet my movement. Your insides tighten around me. My hands leave your breasts and travel across your stomach to your swollen pussy. My fingers explore, searching for your clit. Quickly found, I begin massaging you ever quicker toward orgasm. I match the actions of my fingers to the thrusting of our hips, pushing us closer a shared climax. The hot flow of water from the shower splashes across your back, running down your spread legs.

    Now, there is no turning back. You push yourself harder and faster back upon my cock. I feel my balls tighten as they ready to release my cum into you. Faster and faster we move, to the point we simply cannot fuck any faster. With an animal-like scream, I give a final thrust up your tunnel. My prick extends as far inside you as it can. My balls tighten and spray the first jet of cum inside you. Your orgasm hits as you feel my cum paints your inner walls. Your legs shake, and I grip your waist to hold you up. With each pulse of my prick, I can feel the grip of your walls clinching my flesh.

    The once-warm water has begun to cool, but it has done nothing to quell our passion. Reluctantly, I remove my cock from you, allowing you to stand upright. You turn to face me and we embrace. Your hand reaches for my dwindling cock, gently squeezing a final dollop from it. Our shared orgasm slowly fades to sweet memory.
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    Wow that was hot...