The shooting in chattanooga tn.

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    I've ben trying to avoid this subject, But the rage is getting to me:mad: I thought about adding this to Dog E Ryders thread but decided against it. Thinking a thread to Honor the fallen Service men, May not be the place for a rant of Hate and Rage.

    Did any of you notice it took the Comunity organizer, Thats in the drivers seat of America. 5 days to lower the American flag to half staff ?

    Did you notice last week He sent his press secretary out, Atemting to down play an act of terrorism. To convince us that it's just another shooting in America ?

    Did you notice these 5 men. Who are the Best of the Best at handleing weapons. Were disarmed sitting behind the walls of what a Do Gooding Liberall calls a Gun Free zone ?

    I point out these men did not have the most basic tools to defend themselves with.

    WTF? After al the shootings, Over the last 20 years or so. Schools, Shopping malls Oh and then theres Fort Hood ! Which our Government wants to deny that it was a Terrorest act. Work place Violence They say. And more recently a Movie theature A year ago, And a church last month. A Gun Free Zone Means only one thing. It is a soft target.

    The Government and especially the Gun Grabbing Liberalls. Allways try to convince us that If we just had more Gun Controll, These Tragidy's would not happen. These are the same Dumb Ass People that say if you take the Confederate flag down Racism will end. And the same ones that want to Fundamentally transform America in to some 3rd world Shit hole. With a dictator that will rule with an iron fist, And back it up with a Gun.

    My question is When is the Real American people, That value there Freedoms and Liberties going to hold the Federall Government and the Liberall polititions responsible for these types of acts.?

    The Muslem Extremeists are not going to stop. Killing everyone that don't think like them, Is there goal. And it's obvious They don't mind dying, To make there points. And with the wide open boarders we have. They can come and go as they please. #1 They should secure and defend our boarders. Then go after all the ones that don't belong here.

    The Government likes to say We can't afford to secure the boarder that way, We are only going on 20 Trillion in Debt. WTF ! They can kick the can down the road every year, Not wanting to deal with it. Pissing Money away on all these fucking social programs, Atempting to buy votes with them.

    The Bottom Line is I'm Mad as Hell How this country is being run right now. My fear is If we don't get the right people, In the right office Next year. America won't be America much longer.
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    I am also angry and sad about the Chattanooga tragedy. It feels like a hopeless situation out there in the world. That's when I tell myself to keep on loving and helping the people in my sphere of influence, because I don't know how to eradicate the evil and hatred in the world. It may not be obvious considering all this stuff going on, but love will prevail in the end.
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