The pool house#2

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    I was kicked back,watching the evening news. When the sound of my cousin Karen's Trans-Am. Pulls in to the driveway. Just arriving home from,her new job. As a the High school.

    I watch her. As she pops the trunk,gathering her groceries. Dressed like a school teacher. In tight black dress pants,white blouse,and sexy black pumps.

    In my head. I know this is all wrong. But there is something about my cousins,sexy ass. That just makes my dick rock hard. So unable to resist. I let my growing cock,lead the way.

    I assist her at taking her groceries in. As shes putting them away,I put my arms around her.

    " You smell good. " I say to her.

    She tries to ignore me. So I kiss her neck.

    " Wheres your girlfriend Mikey? " She asks.

    " Shes on the rag,this week. " I suck her neck harder.

    " Stop it! Your going to give me a hickie. Don't ya'll ride the red stallion? "

    " We did until last month. Mom found my blooded underwear,in the dirty cloths.

    Karen starts to laugh.

    " It's not funny! " I then start to suck on the lobe of her ear. She feels my hard prick against her ass.

    " Oh my! You are hard. "

    I start to slowly unbutton her blouse. And discover her bra clasp,opens in the front.

    " I love that bra. Easy aces for your boyfriend? "

    " Yeah. He's going to be here,in an hour. "

    " Don't you lie to me! I passed him a while a go. Going in to the plant. " Unhooking the clasp,her big tits fall. Standing behind her fondling and kissing her.

    " You know you want me. " She starts to pant. I go for her pants. Unfastening ad unzipping them.

    " Pantyhose? " I slip my hand inside them,feeling her hot,wet pussy. " I thought only my girlfriends Mom wore pantyhose. "

    " How do you know,what kind of hose. Your girlfriends Mom wears? "

    " That's not important right now. " I spin her around and kiss her deeply. Slipping my hands in to her hose again,squeezing her sexy ass. Her pants fall.

    " There coming off! " I pick her up and carrying her over to her bed.

    " Look at you stud! You have gotten so strong. "

    I gently lay her down. She watches me strip.

    " Wow! I think I am,going to enjoy this. "

    She lifts her ass,allowing me to get her out of her hose. I snatch her high heels off. As I get in to position,lining my cock up. She stops me.

    " Mikey. I want Treat! "

    " What? "

    " Yeah. I run in to your girlfriend,the other day. We had a long talk. Your not going to just give me a quick fuck,and leave me hanging. I want my pussy ate,the right way. "

    So I go to work,spreading her pussy open,licking and fingering her.

    " That's right...Feels good...Don't stop! " I continue eating her out

    " Don't forget my ass...I want my tank cleaned! Your girlfriend said your good at that. "

    " What else has she told you? "

    " She told me everything! Now shut up! And get back to work! "

    So I continue to pleasure her,with my fingers and tongue. She moans and begs for more. Then her pussy gushes and squirts all over my face.

    " I'm going to get you back for that! " I finally get to mount her. My dick slides right in.

    " Don't you cum in me! I'm not on the pill! "

    " Don't worry! " I fuck her as hard and as fast as I can. Looking down and watching her big tits jiggle. Unable to hold back. I pull out and jack off all over her pretty face.

    " Get out of here Mikey! " So I get on my cloths and leave. Karen puts on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt. She then joins us for dinner. Where Mom starts looking at her at her.

    " Karen. What is this in your hair? " She gets up to get a closer look,at the sticky goo. In her dark blonde hair.

    Karen looks right at me,with this big smile on her face.

    " Maybe you should ask your son. "

    Mom looks at me,with this pissed off look.

    " What the Hell! Have you done to Karen? "

    She then chases me,from the house,with a belt.
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