The motel room, part one

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    I met Ashley online, a married woman neglected in a few ways, sexually being her top reason for meeting me. After an initial face to face we agreed to meet again, this time in a motel room.
    The first time was sat in my car - we were "supposed" to talk only but things became memorable.

    She was there before me and after a few messages checking that I was still meeting her, I finally arrived.
    Upon entering the room she greeted me with a passionate kiss then we talked a bit but we soon decided talking was not a priority at the moment.

    She had told me several times how badly she missed a cock inside of her after the first meeting so once naked, I had Ashley on the bed, on her back.
    "Give it to me!" she said, guiding me, already breathing hard. I expected her to rub the head a bit but instead she was very clear in the way she was pulling my erection to enter her. I gladly did just that, finding her already wet.
    Wanting to make things last a bit - horny as heck and extremely aroused - I just stayed there, fully in while kissing between quick breaths. I loved how she gasped when I first slid inside all the way in a quick motion.
    "Are you going to fuck me or stay there all day?" she asked and I grinned back, saying I would do both.
    Still in I reached for her breasts, cupping them in my hands, fondling her, feeling them before taking them in my mouth I clearly remember how she breathed and moaned when I first took a bite of a nipple, she took my head in her hands and dug her heels on my ass. I must have moaned a bit too and needed to pull back, her tightness was pleasantly too much for me.

    After avoiding a premature finish and regaining some "control" we couldn't hold back, I started thrusting shallow, not too fast. After stopping once I repositioned myself, and this time I pushed all the way in.
    "Oh yes!" Ashley whispered. Giving her nipples a last bite I started going hard and fast.
    Things got tight around the base of my penis, I remember still feeling the sensation later, so it didn't take me long to finish. Her tightness made it too difficult to continue after ejaculation so I went soft soon after.
    "I want to give more" I told Ashley, she just said she knew it, before kissing me.

    After getting off her, she asked if I would use toys for her if she had any. "YES!" I said without hesitation.
    "You're serious?" she said and I nodded. She asked if now and another YES from me.

    She went to grab something in a bag she brought but before she had a chance, I snuck behind her
    to take her breasts in my hands. Her knees went weak for a second. I never had that before so the excitement made my heart jump in excitement. Ashely's hands kept going from over my hands to around behind my head as we stood there, kissing her neck and shoulders, rubbing her breasts to feel her hard nipples in my palms. I didn't want to stop but |I became aware of her legs kind of shaking.
    The selfish part of me went for another grope, squeezing her nipples before giving her a break.
    I was amazed at the results; Ashley took a few seconds with her hands on the dresser before resuming her search in her bag.

    Taking a big fat dildo and a smaller vibrator still fatter than myself, we headed back to the bed.
    Starting things over again, I slid one inside slowly easily, then I realized I didn't bring lube. NOT needed!

    To be followed
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