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    After a few times having to go though undoing the pants and moving my underwear aside, my girl finally asked me to have nothing under. Great idea so this is what happened, with pants giving the easiest access.

    As we sat on the couch talking and snuggling, her hand eventually found its way where I was waiting for it to stop on, my cock. It was already hard and dripping and that got her to take no time to want it out and ready.
    Once done she took it in her hand, milking the shaft with a gentle and full grip, bring a big drop of precum to lube the head the way I showed her before. Then she started stroking the shaft and giving me a full hand head rub, a very slippery business she was enjoying giving as much as me receiving.
    Her intention was to make me ejaculate and she brought me pretty close a few times.
    The mess on her hand, the precum mixed with small amounts of semen, the throbbing and twitching,
    I wanted to let it go so bad. A couple of times on the home stretch she wanted to kiss so bad it was distracting, I was not able to kiss properly, and something noisy got us distracted. I somehow lost the ability to orgasm until she said she knew what IT needs and want - well IT wants a few things actually so while I was hoping for a blowjob she was too horny to waste the moment away. She stripped and got on top of me and took my cock in her hand, sliding herself down on my cock slowly. She was already quite wet.
    As soon as it bottomed out she gave her usual sound of pleasure, the look on her face unmistakable.
    Then she did me, making herself orgasm after taking the time for us to enjoy.

    She tensed and became unable to slide on my cock for a few seconds, I felt her get wetter and she stayed down on my cock a few seconds, then she continued sliding up and down, gyrating her hips and rub my cock all around inside. My shaft was tingling real nice, the sensation of my orgasm building up until it came. When just about to, I asked her to stay down and deep on me.
    Wow, even without the friction of her movement, it was strong, my body was jerking for a good 15 to 20 seconds by my estimate.

    It was so good I was loud, she pressed my face on her chest so the neighbour didn't hear me.
    If this is to redo again, I should give her to get her to orgasm, then she does it for me at the end.
    She said she could feel me ejaculate inside at first until I jerked around and got loud, then she got distracted from the sensations.

    It was after that I used ice on her first time, after trying new things that made her go weak with several orgasms. With my fingers and mouth for a while, it couldn't get up for a while.
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