The cute flasher, parts 3 and 4

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    There was not much to the first two parts, so here things a re a little hotter :)

    Sarah gets acquainted

    I usually stick to my routine, so I went back for another after supper ice cream.
    Sure enough, a few days later Sarah came back. I assumed she didn't need a ride, she was driving herself.
    "Hi, you must be waiting for me" she said with a wink, and I said I was, for the entire week.
    "Mmmmmm, I must have made quite the impression on you" and she switcheed subject, again talking about work, the summer, anything else, how her time here being almost over.
    I found her sweet with her sense of humour and easy manners so I decided to take my time and chat even after my ice cream was done.
    "So can I ask what you like doing when not having ice creams?" she asked, twirling her hair with her fingers. I answered "whatever I feel like".
    When she asked "like what?" I said work, enjoying a drink, a bonfire under a starry sky, hobbies, food, meeting people, holidays, whatever.
    "Meeting people? who would that be?" I said friends, men or women, company.
    "Women? ... a girlfriend, a buddy?" I said I have no girlfriend right now and things come when they are meant to happen, I don't do good when I look for it.
    "What kind of women do you like?" I told her there is no specific type, just that as long as I like the person, and that I like her looks, then she asked what I think about HER.
    "I find you attractive and likeable, nice to spend time, even if I don't know you very well."
    "Attractive? How, in what ways?" I told her I like her smile, her eyes, overall appearance and how she dresses, and I feel comfortable around her. That's what I mean.
    "Oh! thanks. so you like what you see ....." and she gave me a little modelling. I thought so, and I like you too." and things went quiet.
    Then she got real close, slowly and tentatively. Seeing where this was going, I put my hands on her waist and pulled her closer and we kissed, my heart thumping.
    "You DO like me" she said with a smile, feeling my heart with a hand on my chest and from the way I kissed her.
    She came to me for more kissing, this time her arms around my neck, her body pressed against mine.
    I responded with a "mmmmm" as it became obvious I was getting hard and she could feel it, and not backing off, I knew she was enjoying feeling it.

    I like Sarah

    When she pulled away, she said she had to kiss me to know better, and she waited all week to meet me again. "For what?" I asked.
    She just took me by the hand and led me in the back, in the wooded area, saying she doesn't have all the time she wants, but this will do for what she had in mind.
    She was leading me, with some urgency, not just strolling, until we arrived to a picnic table. Clearly she had done her homework and I was both amused and impressed.

    In the middle of kissing and taking my pants off, she could not keep her thoughts to herself:
    "The first time, the way you looked at me, you made me feel so desirable and aching like never before. The second time you made me like you and thinking about more."
    Once exposed and hard, she backed me off on the table and kissed me, her hand around my hard on, before going down on it.
    "Mmmmmm, and I am not disappointed here either" before wrapping her moist and warm lips around the head, and sliding deeper. "Ooooh!" is all I said and I heard her giggled, pleased with her results on me.
    "I love sucking that cock of yours" she said when she stopped, coming up on the table, pushing me on my back and straddling me. When she lowered herself on me, she took me in slow, but easily, she was already wet.
    "It's my fantasy to have nice sex with a stranger in the woods like this" he said, and I said I was so glad to be a stranger.
    Sarah rode me for a few minutes and gave herself an orgasm while guiding my hands on her body, her breasts, no shame enjoying the moment.
    After she was done I asked her to let me go on top to give her a turn at just enjoying. She said as long as I let her finish me.

    Next thing I had her stand with her back to me to fuck her from behind and I grabbed her hips while she held herself up with her hands on the table.
    Once we had a good rhythm I started caressing her clit soft and slow, sending my other hand to cup and caress her breasts.
    This lasted until I noticed her knees buckling a bit. Knowing she was close I kept doing more of it, now supporting her instead of roaming with my hand.
    When she said she was cumming, she started pushing back to force my cock in deeper.
    I grabbed her hips again and gave deep thrusts as she was moaning, resting her upper body on the table, breathing hard and being vocal about wanting to be fucked so good.
    When she was done, I thought to myself it was about time, I was getting close to lose it too.
    When it was done, she pushed me back, out of her, and said it was her turn after giving me a few strokes.
    Back on the table, she straddled me to ride my cock again, going deep. "OMG I love your cock in me, I'm gonna cum again." I got quite turned on watching her grinding, the look on her face, her nipples hard.
    After a couple of minutes Sarah started breathing harder, straightened up and placed my hands on her breasts, and bounced herself up and down on my shaft.
    The pressure and the rubbing started building up in my cock and soon enough I started moaning, loving the tingling that was getting more intense.
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