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    It was almost time to go. A year of playing out this fantasy in the safety of their bedroom had led to this moment, and both of them could feel adrenaline and butterflies consuming them.

    "Are we really going to do this?" Jenna looked right at Tom. Her tummy growled, completely consumed with nerves.

    "I'm terrified!" he laughed "But we've come all this way, planned this out, arranged for the kids to be watched.... all of that to get ready for this. I feel like I'll be bummed if we don't at least TRY."

    Jenna grabbed the vodka. There was no way she could do this without it, and this was a bring-your-own-alcohol club. They had both decided to get a cab to and from the club. Without a cab, they would probably sit and look at each other in the parking lot and then ultimately drive back to the hotel.

    "Just got the call. The cab is waiting” he smiled, but his face was pale.

    The cab ride to the club was thick with nerves and occasional small talk from the driver. Both of them were acutely aware that he would understand where they were going and what it meant. The only thing that made this tolerable is that they knew it would be highly unlikely to ever see him again. Most of the ride was quiet until they arrived at the front door, paid the cab, and watched him drive off. Looking at the entrance and then at each other, they held hands and pulled each other in.

    After paying and checking in the vodka, they walked nervously into the bar and restaurant part of the club. The lights were dim. Groups of people were eating and drinking at tables and at the bar. Screens around the room featured adult movies in the heat of action. Music played, but nobody was on the floor dancing.

    They went together to the bar to retrieve drinks and then settled at a table to talk.

    "I can't believe we are here. What if we see someone we know?" She took a long drink from her glass.

    "I guess if we do, they won't want anyone to know they were here either." he responded. "So....” he paused. "Here we are! I'm going to need a few more of these" Tom gestured at the glass. "Not too many though. We are just here to watch. The last place we both need to get drunk is here."

    "Need just enough to calm the nerves” she nodded, drinking again from her glass.

    They sat together for some time watching others involved in conversations of their own. They commented about the decor and music and generally tried to make this highly unusual place seem more like a regular restaurant date while they waited for their alcohol to kick in. Twice they were approached and made small talk with couples. They declined to join them and politely explained they were here to watch. Over time they became more relaxed and even a little giggly.

    Eventually he prodded her. "We didn't come all this way for nothing. Let's go to the back room and take a look!"

    She looked like a deer in headlights, but rose from her seat. "Ok. Just a quick tour."

    On the way to the back they went into the dressing rooms and were required to surrender their clothes and wrap up in a towel. It was easy for him, wrapping the towel around his waist. She was thrown a curveball in that her towel could fully cover her breasts but not her midsection at the same time. She had to decide if she wanted her breasts exposed and cover her waist, or the other way around. She decided to gamble on the dim lighting and covered her breasts. The towel came down to just the top of her thighs. It would be easy for someone to steal a peek, but it was dark and she was counting on that.

    They met in the hall, joined hands, and slowly made their way toward the back room. The erotic atmosphere and sounds hit them at once. There were seating areas lining all of the walls, low flat tables that were padded and quite clearly designed with a purpose, and a small pool and Jacuzzi in the middle of the room.

    There were people swimming naked in the pool, and a few couples sitting in the hot tub laughing and talking. Their gaze fell to the left side of the room to one of the padded tables. There was a brunette on her back being fucked hard by a man, and she had a beautiful blonde straddling her face. While being fucked, she was running her tongue across and into the blonde's pussy while muffled moans escaped. The blonde squirmed and grinded against her as she held her own breasts.

    Across the room, there were three together on a padded table while others sat nearby taking turns making out and watching. A woman was on top of a man with his cock in her pussy while a second man fucked her slowly and steadily in the ass. She was being double penetrated and it caused Tom's cock to become rock hard. Jenna could feel herself suddenly become wet, and she became very aware that this night was the first time they had ever seen other people having sex in front of them.

    Tom pulled Jenna close and kissed her. She returned his kiss deeply before returning her gaze to the woman being fucked by two men. A third walked over and presented his cock to her. She took it into her mouth and started furiously sucking it. She was being tripled teamed and seemed in complete nirvana. This is what they had come to see, and their bodies were responding to the spectacle.

    The woman on the table suddenly cried out and her body shook. She was orgasming from the intensity. Her cumming set off a chain reaction among the men. The man on bottom started to pump his cock into her pussy faster. This made the sensation too much for both men and they both came one after another. She sucked furiously on the third man's cock until he came.

    Jenna pushed her body close to Tom and leaned in for a whisper. "Take me in that room and fuck me"

    She gestured towards one of the "Couple's rooms" that were in each corner of the open area. They made their way inside to see a bed in the center. Tom started to close the door but Jenna stopped him and left it open by a foot or two. It was wide enough for people to see in if they desired.

    Once inside, Jenna yanked Tom's towel off and started sucking on his cock. She took it all the way in for a deep throat, and then grabbed his ass to coax him to start fucking her mouth. Tom panted as he thrust into her mouth. His cock was throbbing with every thrust, and he had to pace himself or risk exploding too early.

    He pulled her up and moved her into the doggie position on the bed. He started fucking her while noticing a couple peeking in for a period of time. Jenna noticed it too and it seemed to make her even wetter than she already was. She let out a soft moan as the sound of their skin smacking together as he fucked her filled the room.

    Tom slowed to a stop and lay down on the bed. She climbed on top of him and pulled his rock hard cock inside of her. She rocked back and forth and lifted slightly so he could start pumping upwards. He played with her nipples as he fucked her from underneath and she would take over and grind her pussy against his cock. She could feel how hard he was. They were both the most turned on they'd ever been. It wasn't long before he started to tighten up and moan. She pumped up and down furiously as he exploded inside of her. He panted and pulled her down to kiss her deeply.

    He gestured for her to climb on top of his face. She straddled him and he began to lick and massage her dripping wet pussy with his tongue. Her wetness slid down the side of one thigh while he continued to work the tip of his tongue on her clit. She'd never even been close to being this wet. She began to moan. Another couple peeked in just as her body shook and waves of orgasm enveloped her. She could feel it from head to toe and forgot herself for a delicious moment.

    Tom was almost instantly ready for another round. The atmosphere was fueling his libido. They fucked again for a while before deciding to slip out and take their desires and lust back to the hotel room.

    For months they whispered descriptions of it into each other’s' ears as they made love. Closing their eyes, they could relive the sights, sounds, and experiences as they devoured each other. The night they succumbed to the erotic tidal wave of taboo and had sex in a club would stay with them.
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