The Bad Girl story continues Part One

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    After I maried my wife Misty, I had to drop out of Highschool, So I could suport her. I found this awesome job at the chickin plant, That paid 5 bucks an hour. My hours were from 6 to 2, So I got off just in time to pick her up from school.

    It felt weird sitting in line in front of the school, Among all the soccer moms in there mini vans and the yuppies in there Volvo's. Then it was me in my beat up 4x4. Today she was gonna wear her denum mini skirt and her fuck me pumps, I all ready had my cock out stroking it. We are usually horny as hell, And can't wait to get home, I usually take her to the cemetary or the strp pits to fuck her.

    Finally the three oclock bell rings, She comes out of the school, But does not look happy. She climbs up in to the truck and slams the door, She looks at my waiting cock.

    "Put him up, We aint got time for that shit!" She grabs the open pack of Marlboro's from the dash and lights one.

    "Follow that God Damn bus!"

    "Yes ma'mm."

    I follow the bus as it winds it's way throuh the yuppie uper class neighborhood.

    "Whats weong?"

    "Momma told me Crystal got beat up last night at the skating rink."

    "Oh shit!"

    "That Damn Connie Willson, I'm gonna kick her ass! Aint nobody treating my sister like that!" The bus makes it to the last stop, At the trailer park. Misty takes off her glasses and kicks off her high heels, And pounces from the truck, She sprints to the front door of the bus, Her fists clenched ready to fight. Some of the kids get off the bus then the big red headed Connie jumps from the bus on top of Misty, The cat fight is on, As the 2 exchange blows rolling around on a street of dirt and mud,

    Misty's white blouse and bra are ripped off, Her big D breasts for all to see, The boys go wild yelling and whistleing, Chearing them on, Her skirt is snatched off next, Left only in her sexy black thong, Getting the shit beat out of her by the school bully. Some of the girls pull Connie off her, Misty backs away a little, And catches her breath. She then charges Connie, Tackleing her like a football player, Shoveing her down in to the ditch, On the side of the road, After 5 blows to her head, She tears her shirt and bra off, The crowed cheers as the shirt and bra are tossed to the crowed.

    After another blow to the head, Sher wrestles the bigger girls blue jeans down, A pair of Nike tenis shoes are tossed out in to the main street, An old lady runs off the road and off in to the other ditch. Misty drags Connie from the ditch, By the hair of the head, Her jeans still aroud her ankles tripping her up. The crowed erupts in laughter as they notice Connies Strawberry shortcake panties she's wearing, This angers her more and they lock up again, Like 2 pit bulls. Finally the bus driver and some of the girls pull them apart, Misty gets away, She grabs up her skirt and whats left of her bra and blouse, She runs back to the truck.

    "I showed her! Damit!"

    "You sure did!" That was Friday afternoone, But then came Monday morning. It was about 9:00, I was at my work station, Washing blood and guts down a drain, I was called to the office, My boss hands me the phone.


    "Mikey this is Mrs. Beasley. I need for you to come down to the school, We have to discuss Misty's behvior."

    "Mrs. Beasley I'm at my job! I don't have time for this shit!...Can't you call her mom?"

    "I did...She said she is your problem now!...Get your ass down here now!"

    I slam the phone down, And try to explain to my new boss, Why I have to leave.

    "You got untill after lunch!" He yells. I leave the plant and drive over to the Highschool. Once there I find Misty in the office loby, Wearing her marron dress and black crunch boots, Her face packed with makeup, Covering the bruises she got from Friday's fight, And lots of that smokey blue eyeliner stuff, As usuall she looked like a mid 1980's teenage slut. She flashed me a sexy smile.

    "I guess I'm in trouble again." Mrs. Beasley walks in, Wearing the red dress and matching pumps, I allways liked seeing her wear.

    "Ya'll follow me." She smiles at me, I let Misty go first ,So she don't see me checking out Mrs. Beasley's sexy legs. She leads us to a secluded classroom. Mr. Dudley was sitting behind the teachers desk. He's a big intimidateing black man, About 6 '4 300 LBS. Dressed in a 3 piece suit, His twin brother, Jerome Dudley stood next to the desk, His big muscular arms folded across his chest, He is the school custodian. They both stareing her down.
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    Part Two

    "Thanks for comming down Mikey, You can have a seat. Young lady your in big trouble!!!...Connie Willson is in the hospital, Because of you. "

    "No fucking way!!! Thats Bullshit!"

    "You watch that smart ass mouth!" He yells back.

    "Connie wnts to file charges against you,...Now Misty your 18 now, You could go to jail, And have a record. You don't want that do you?" Cowering down and looking at the floor.

    "No sir."

    "I discussed a suitable punishment with Connie, I think we can work this out." He looks up at Mrs. Beasley, She looks Misty up and down,Front and back.

    "Get undressed!"

    "Ha Ha...Like what?"

    "You heard me, Strip down!...Now"

    "But Mrs. Beasley!...Theres men in the room!"

    "That didn't bother you the other day." Mr. Dudley picks up the phone, And dials some numbers.

    "Hello police department."

    "Okay!...Okay!...You win!"

    "Never mind." He hangs up the phone,Leans back in his chair and strokes his goatee.

    All eyes are on her, She slowly raises her dress and takes it off. To all of our surprise, She's not wearing a bra or panties.

    "You sure have turned in to such a slut since you got maried!"

    "We'll maybe it's because i'm in touch with my inner whore." She cracks a smile at Mrs. Beasley.

    "Are ya'll happy now?" She stands there in her sexy boots.

    "Take your boots off."

    "Ugh...For real?"

    "I don't want you running away." She slips them off, Mr. Dudley stands and takes the boots from her. He looks at her white sloutch socks.

    "i'll let you keep your socks on, If you want?"

    "Thank you." Both men focus on her freshly waxed pussy, And her big puffy erect nipples, Jerome stares at her huge light pink areolas.

    "You boys like what ya see?" Misty says with sarcasm. Mr. Dudley sets her boots down behind his desk, He then pulls up a paddle from behind the desk. It is black with the word slut painted on it in red. He hands it to Mrs. Beasley.

    "Bend over Misty." She asumes the position. Mrs. Beasley strikes her plump ass over and over with the paddle, Both men began to strip, The sting from the paddle quickly turned th pale skin of her plump ass, To a beet red, Tears ran down her face, Streaking her makeup. Finally she puts the paddle down.

    "Now service those two gentlemen with a blow job." She kneel's before them, And takes Mr. Dudley's cock in to her mouth, She gags as it hits the back of her throat, She backs it out, And gives it long licks with her tongue, Before trying again, She alternates each mans cock in to her mouth, As she strokes the other.

    My dick was rock hard watching this. Then my attention was turnd to Mrs. Beasley. She placed her foot in my lap, My cock was under the toe of her high heeled shoe.

    "Don't you miss my legs Mikey?" She presses her foot to my cock.

    "Yes Ma'mm!"

    "Well take that big dick out and show me." I drop my pants and shorts, She kneel's and takes my cock in to her mouth, Unbuttoning her dress, At the same time.

    "Ohhhhh......Yes!...Mrs. Beasley!" Misty hears this and turns around And watches, Mrs. Beasley let my cock go, She stands and gets out of her dress, Bra and panties. Her pussy is right in my face, Neatley trimmed with a litte blonde patch of hair above it. I get Mrs. Beasley down on the floor and eat her out.

    Misty goes right back to the 2 black cocks in her face, Sucking them harder, Like we are competeing or something. Finally Jerome lets out a groan, Misy's mouth fills with his hot cum, Leaking out her mouth, Down her chin, In her floor, Drowning in cum she has to pull it out, Jerkig it in her hand . Cum flying, Hitting her in the face, Across her glasses, In her hair, She squeazes her big tit's around his cock, He fucks her between her tit's untill every drop of cum is out. He colapses against the counter in exaustion.

    By this time I'm on top of Mrs. Beasley fucking her misionarry style, Mr. Dudley helps her to her feet, And bends her over the desk, I look up and watch him guide his mule sized cock, To my wife's love tunnel, She lets out a squeal as he feeds her his cock, Slowly stretching and tearing her tight pussy, Her squeals turn in to pleasureable moans, He slaps her fat ass, A few times, For more punishment.

    His body tenses up, He lets out a moan, Her pusssy fills with his massive load, Cum runs out, Down her legs, Her orgasm meets his, He backs out, She allmost falls. Jerome catches her, Turns her arond and lays her across the desk, Giving her his cock, He pounds her hard and fast. I finally let my load go and colapse.

    Mrs. Beasley gets up and looks down at Misty, Misty wipes some of the cum from her face , And feeds it to Mrs. Beasley, They then kiss a hot passionate kiss, Jerome fills my wife's pussy with his final load. Mr Dudley grabs me, Pushing me to my wife's cunt.

    "Now white boy eat that pussy!" I get my first real cream pie, He laughs, He then kicks me.

    "Now get the fuck out of here!" I grab my pants and hurry back to my truck, I barely get back to the plant in time.

    "You to!" Looking at Misty

    "Get out of here you white trash whore!" She gets her dress on, Then her boots and stumbles to the lunch room, Coverd in cum and the musky smell of old sex. All the kids stare at her, Laughing at her, After being fucked hard and kicked to the curb.