Talking to women.

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    May 11, 2015
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    It's one of my rant days so I might as well just get it out there. I love flirting, don't think I'm good at it but like doing it. I've always had problems talking to women though, I can flirt but when it comes to the actual talking part I become a moron. I can talk to men about beer, cars, you know guy stuff but the flirty talk with women just is so hard for me. I have a hard time engaging in conversation, I'm not afraid I just don't want to be a moron trying to think of something stupid to say. I'm a very good listener but there again, the talking just becomes too hard for me. There was this girl at the gym I go to that is really good looking, great body. She clearly checks me out. I was talking to her one day about the classes I was doing for the figure drawing class at the college. I said nothing out of line at all, now she won't even talk to me, look at me or anything. She won't even work out now if I'm there. What the heck did I say wrong you ask? I have no idea, maybe it's not what I said but what I didn't say? That's just it, I don't know if I said something to offend her or maybe I didn't say lets go fuck. Why is it so hard to talk to women? It shouldn't be that damn hard I wouldn't think? I'm 43, you would think I could figure it out by now. Anyway, I just look now. Say hi occasionally to the other couple women there, I don't want to blow it with them also. I thought talking it out was suppose to help a person feel better, I don't.