Surprise Panty Exchange part 2

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    I raced towards home as fast as I possibly could. Inhaling Sabrina's panties the entire ride home. My dick growing more and more hard with each deep breath took in of her wet panties. The aroma was out of this world. I could smell her perfume, the acidity of her pee and sweat, the smell of her sex juices that was all over these things. The smell was so powerful it was like I had my face buried in her pussy. I could not help but imagine the sight of Sabrina rubbing herself thru these very panties as she was taking in my wife's panties like I was doing with hers at this very moment. My dick was throbbing. I thought about pulling over and jacking off right there to them but I thought it better to save it for Emily and get home to her as quickly as possible.

    I turned in our drive, jumped out of the truck and literally ran inside the house, panties in tow. I ran up the stairs and flicked the bedroom light on. Emily, who had been asleep wearing only panties herself sat up from her pillow. "I showed Sabrina your panties like you told me to!" I quickly blurted out. "Really? Oh my goodness, what did she SAY? " Emily asked. "She snatched them out of my hands and disappeared for what seemed like ages!" I exclaimed. I went on to tell Her how I waited and waited for Sabrina to bring back the panties and how I even thought that we weren't going to get them back. And then finally how Sabrina had called me inside and how she put the wodded up panties in my coat pocket and how with the biggest sneaky grin she toldme to tell Emily thank you Three Times. How she grabbed me and made sure that I was to relay the message to Emily, Thank You Three Times.

    I had Emily's full attention. So I tossed the bunched up panties to her and said, "she put those in my pocket. Look at them! Feel them!" Isaid. " I think Sabrina masturbated three times to your panties!" I shouted. Emily opened up the panties to see the goo, the dampness. She brought them up to her nose to which I almost blew my load right then. "That is exactly what she did!", Emily told me.

    Emily then layer back down. Her left hand she kept examining the panties as her right hand slid down underneath her own. "Why did you even put those on?" I asked. "Shhh", Emily said. "You FUCKED me earlier remember? I did not want to leak on the sheets." "Did you play with yourself?" I askedn. "Twice", Emily said. "Then I fell asleep". I then pointed out how her and Sabrina and more than likely playing with themselves at the exact same time. "Yeah, but I need one more to catch up to her", Emily responded. "Please do" was all I could muster.

    Emily slid off her panties tossing them aside and began to circle her clit and lips. My dick was raging. I ripped off my clothes as Emily picked up the pace and also picked up Sabrina's panties to her face and began inhaling. That sight alone of my hot naked wife playing with her pussy, moaning and wiggling, while smelling another woman's sexed soaked panties was enough to send me over the edge.

    I grabbed my clock with my right hand and with my left hand, I grabbed Emily's silky soft foot bringing my clock and her foot together. I only gave myself about 4 strokes before glob after glob of hot steamy cum spurted out of my raging 6" uncircumcised cock and onto her foot. Drenching each one of her sexy well manicured pink painted toes, foot and heel.

    At the same time, Emily was moaning and wiggling from the orgasm she was giving herself. Cum, hers and mine from earlier was oozing out of her pussy and running down her thighs. All the while she was rubbing Sabrina's panties all over her face. As we both came down from our orgasms, I rested her Cum drenched foot on my shoulder. "Phew", I exhaled. "I'm not done yet!" Emily said as she pushed her cum soaked big toe in my mouth!

    To be continued.....
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    Pretty hot!! More please?? :rolleyes:
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