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    Her silk nightgown was riding up slightly above her pussy. Her face was filled with ecstasy, mouth half open, eyes locked on mine. I was nearing orgasm. I felt the throbs. Soon I felt the semen progress towards the tip, and then explode into her. My orgasm hit me and I slowed down, then stopped. Let out a big breath. Felt up her gown, up her body, over her breasts. Pulled out.

    I backed up and she walked over the thick carpet to the adjacent bathroom, and cleaned up. I stood naked for a while, then grabbed a pair of underwear, and put it on. They were black, skin tight boxer-briefs. In the mirror I read "Under-Armour" backwards across the waistband. I hopped in bed and fell asleep.


    I awoke to a loud electronic noise. Felt silk moving under my hand. My erection was pressing through the tight fabric I was wearing into the back of her. My arm fell as she got up. The clock said 4:32. She must have been getting up to go running. A light blinded me. The bathroom light. She was standing in the middle of the lit room, illuminated, wearing just the nightgown. It clung to her in all the right places, making her look amazingly sexy. She grabbed the bottom of it, and pulled it off.

    I went up her legs with my eyes. They were amazing. Perfectly tan, perfectly shaped. Her ass was one of the best parts about her. Just the right size, and shape. Above her pussy was a triangular section of neatly groomed, but long pubic hair. I followed the curves of her hips up her torso, to her breasts. Not too big, and not to small. Her nipples were small buds at the front, and the pinkish skin around them was not too big.

    She padded around the bed behind me, and rustled around, then came back into sight carrying a bundle of black and gray. Dropped it on the floor. She stretched her arms out, then leaned down and grabbed something. Her tits hung slightly. She slipped a sports bra on, and grabbed something else. This time her breasts were not hanging down. She held this next garment lower, and put a leg in, then another. Pulled the spandex up her leg. It conformed to the shape of her hips. It had three white stripes on the side going downwards. It scooped down towards her vulva, and then back up over her ass to the waistband. Where her pubic hair was, there was a small, almost invisible bulge, and I saw a few hairs that had found their ways out of the skin tight fabric. The cloth ended just a little less then an inch lower than the crease separating her butt from her legs. She leaned over again and grabbed a t-shirt. Put it on, and grabbed some long socks. She put those on. They ended up being long enough to almost reach her knees, and had two blue stripes near the top.

    She walked out of the bathroom, and I got out of bed. My erection was prominent now, bulging outwards towards her. She glanced at it, and then tried to make it look like she hadn't, then smiled.

    "Your not actually going out this early," I said

    "Why not?"

    "'Cause you look to damn sexy, it's not fair. I'm not letting you." I walked around her so she was in between me and the bed.

    "Oh yeah, What are you gonna do about it?" She said with a smirk.

    I moved closer, kissed her, then pushed her onto the bed. Not to hard, but just hard enough to get her on it, for sure. I got on the bed next her. Faced her on my side. My cock was touching her through our clothing. She got on her side facing me, and wrapped her left leg around me, leaving the right one on the bed. My penis pushed hard into her groin area, right up into her vulva. We made out for a while, feeling each others bodies, then sat up. She stripped the shirt off. Extended her legs and I puled the spandex shorts off, down her legs, over her feet, and off. Then I threw them to the floor. Her pubic hair was still flattened by the pressure that had just been on it. She was now only wearing the sports bra and some socks.

    I was now by the bed standing up, penis begging the be let free, her nipples hard, and her hands inside my underwear through the hole in the front. She pulled it out. She got on her back, and brought her legs up to my shoulders and rested them there. Holding my large penis, all seven erect inches of it, I placed on top of her vagina, not inside. I wanted her to get a little wetter. I moved back and forth on top of it, stimulating her clitoris. She was soon dripping wet, and she said,"Alright, enough of this, get inside me!"

    I pushed my cock down into her soaking hole, and she let out a loud scream the instant my head got into her. I eased my way in, a little bit at a time. With each motion, she moaned, and after a while and a fair amount of noise, I was inside. I couldn't see me penis, but I could see a hint of it's mass in a slight bulge in her lower abdomen. Her pubic hair was pressed against the black spandex that was gripping the area around my cock. I pulled out slightly, and pushed back inside a bit harder. Out again slowly, and in hard.

    I felt the cotton of her socks moving slightly against my shoulders as I sped up. Her face was illuminated by the bathroom light. I saw the same expression I saw the night before, total pleasure. We were making love, and I started speeding up, adding more force. I glanced down. My cock was wet with her juices as it went in and out, gleaming in the low light.

    After a good ten minutes we were fucking hard, she was gripping the edge of the bed with white knuckles, I had my hands on her hips, holding her in place. She was screaming with every thrust that filled her vagina with my massive penis. "Fill me up! Yeah! Ohhh!"

    Her first orgasm hit her. I knew it because of the way she looked, what she said, and what I felt. This wasn't fake. She had closed her eyes. She let out an amazingly loud scream, one that only comes when a woman is experiencing an amazingly intense orgasm. I felt her vagina contracting and relaxing, contracting and relaxing. When it was over, she just closed her eyes, and smiled uncontrollably, her eyes glazed over. Her legs dropped from my shoulders.

    Still inside her, I carefully got onto the bed with her. I raised my knees under her, and her feet found their way around me to the surface of the bed. I held her hips up. From there I rotated from where our bodies we intertwined and our bodies met. My head was next to hers, I could feel her sports bra with my chest, feel her heat. I started fucking her again. I wanted to cum now.

    My cock going in and out of her was bringing me close. I felt the throbbing occasionally like I had the night before just before orgasm, but this time, I could seem to finish off. I whispered to her that I wanted her on top. We rolled over. Her long dark hair was flowing over our faces. She raised her body up and rolled the sports bra so I could see her breasts as she moved up and down, impaled on me. The bra was a dark line above her tits. She moved up and down, and back and forth. My thumb was on her clit, and she had another orgasm, same thing happened. Contractions, screaming, pure pleasure. She grabbed me after it was over and pulled me back, then she was on her back and I was on top. The headboard of the bed was right above her, and she braced herself against it with her hands. I fucked her harder than I ever have right then. I was pounding my huge cock into her, bringing myself to a sweet climax. Her gorgeous breasts were a blur now, echoing the motion of our hard love-making. I felt the throbs. I pulled out this time. Grabbed my cock, rubbed it until it was at the edge of ejaculation.

    She brought her face up, and put it in her mouth. She sucked it off, and as I exploded in her mouth, she backed away and I sprayed semen all over her. All over her face, rolled up bra, tits, and stomach. She collapsed backwards. I stayed on my knees, watching my erection die. The blood was being pumped out, and there was still some cum escaping from the tip as she got up and went into the bathroom to take a shower.

    It was still dark outside, but there was a hint of blue coming from the east. The clock said 5:47. I heard the shower turn on, and dozed off, naked on my back, after the best sex of my life.