Sticky plastic fetish

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    Aug 19, 2013
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    Does anyone else here male or female like to rub on sticky plastic like blow up toys or beach balls? When I was younger and even now I loved to get a shiny sticky beach ball that some one else especially a girl had blown up.then I would let the air our almost all the way leaving just a little. If the girl was there I would ask her to spit on it until there was a small pool of her saliva and then I would take my penis placing it in the spit on the sticky plastic ball face down and rub on it until I would cum. For me it was the idea that the air inside was from a girl and also her spit on my cock and balls but that mixed with rubbing on it and feeling the plastic stick and release stick and release as I rubbed harder and faster I would have major orgasms doing this. Has any one else done this