Sil./Mil. After my wife's arrest

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    After me and my wife maried. I moved in with her and her mom and sister. It was a Friday afternoone. I just got out of the shower. Only in my briefs when Debe walked in the door. Her daughter Crystal was right behind her. * Hi I was not expecting ya'll so early. I better go put something on.* *Oh don't worry about it. Come here.* I notice she is wearing my wifes coat. She takes it off. *I went to visit Misty today she wanted me to give you something.* ,In the previous stories Misty is in jail right now. I join her at the kitchen table. She opens up a large paper sack with Misty's name on it. She takes out the high heels Misty was wearing the night of her arrest. My dick got hard and bulged in my briefs. Thinking of her undressing in front of others turned me on. She takes out a plastic bag that contained her bra nylons and panties. She hands me her black satin panties. I sniffed them. They still smelled like her freshly fucked and cum filled pussy. She emtied the sack that contained the rest of Misty's cloths. At the bottom of the sack was a envelope of pictures.*We got pictures to look at.* Debe and Crystal both were looking at my cock.*Slip your shorts off and lets get comfertable on the coutch. I sat between them. Crystal had her hand arond my cock. Strokeing me gently. Debe took the pics. out. The first one was of Misty dressed and in hand cuffes. The 2nd. and 3rd. Were her mug shots completely dressed. The rest were takin as each piece of clothing takin off. Debe then slid off the coutch and took my cock from Crystal. She teases my cock with her tongue. Then she takes me all the way in to her mouth. Working me in and out. Crystal slides off the coutch and joins her.*Mom let me have some!* Debe lets Crystal take over. They take turns Shareing my cock. Back and forth. *Mikey which one of us is giveing you the better blow job?* Crystal asks. *Your both awesome! Ya'll haveing a contest or something?* Crystal takes another turn. *Yea we like to compete.* Debe said. It was her turn again. She turns her head around so I could not see what she was doing. But Crysyal knew. She took her teeth out. She locked her gums,jaws and tongue around my cock. She shoved 2 fingers up my ass and sucked. It was like a vacume pulling the cum from my cock. *Damn! Mom you know I can't compete with that!* Debe squeezed my balls getting every drop of cum. *Debe you won that one for sure.* She lets my spent cock go and put her teeth back in and smiled. *Your turn to get me off now. She sits back on the coutch next to me. Spreading her legs wide. She begins unbuttoning her zebra striped dress. Crystal also begins to strip. Debe raises her dress and takes it off. I get between her legs. She watches me unzip and pull her high heeld boots off. I reach up and take hold of her pantyhose and zebra striped panties. I pull them down and off. She gets out of her bra. Siting nakeid before me.I go right for her hairy pussy. Parting her lips and licking away. Discovering she was full of some ones cum. She holds my head pressing me in to her pussy. *Don't stop!...That feels good!* She then moans. I move to her clit gently sucking it while I finger her wet sloppy hole. Miniutes later she cums. Like my wife she locks her thighs around my head as she climaxes.My cock was rock hard. Crystal takes my hand. *It's my turn now.* She leads me to her bed room. I lay back on to the bed. She stradles my cock and guides me in to her pussy. My cock just melted in to her tight sex hole. She moans. And slowly rides me. She gradually builds up speed. Debe stands at the bed room door superviseing her 18 year old daughter with aprooveal. It was awesome! I thought watching this sexy red head ride my cock. Her firm tits up in the air. She flexes her abs as she goes up and down. Her six pack is noticeable. It was not long I was going to cum. I held back as long as I could. We climaxed together. I filled her pussy up. She contiuned to ride me. Untill my spent dick fell out. We then kissed a long pashionate kiss. She gets off me. * I got to get ready for my date.* She goes to the shower. Me and Debe get dressed and have a beer. Crystal gets dressed and starts to leave. *Crystal be carefull out tonight. Watch out for that black cop. If he gets a hod of you. Your pussy wont be tight no more.* Crystal looks at her. *Sure mom. I'll see you later.* She leaves.