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    Tara Lawson had always been sexually adventurous since surrendering her virginity several years before and had been with several lovers since. She was at a private area of the beach that only a few lovers knew about, along with her steady boyfriend Mark.

    Her visiting eighteen-year-old cousin Marisa had tagged along, she was a cute girl with light blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Her slender build showed off breasts that looked just right for her body. Marisa wore a hot pink string bikini that blended nicely with her tan. Tara had on a similar string bikini, only in white.

    Marisa noticed a twinge in Mark's suit as Tara sensually ran her hands along her chest, and slipped a hand under each side of her top to coat her breasts. Tara then stretched out on her stomach next to him.

    "Hey, Marisa can you put some lotion on my back?" Tara asked.

    Marisa knelt next to her cousin and faced Mark. The way she bent over gave him an eyeful of her cleavage. Mark felt his cock grow, so he quickly rolled onto his stomach before Marisa noticed. Tara's cousin untied her top and rubbed lotion all over her back. Mark tried not to stare at the pretty blonde's supple figure, but that proved to be pointless. Marisa then took a Pepsi out of the cooler and flicked a few drops of the icy water onto Tara's back.

    "Hey!"Tara yelled.

    "Come on Tara, no one told you this was a nude beach!" Marisa laughed.

    "Well I guess no one told you either!" Tara exclaimed, and then yanked Marisa's bottoms down to her ankles, which exposed her sparse blonde pubic hair. Marisa shrieked and wrestled with Tara over control of her bikini bottoms. Mark stared at the two girls, one topless and one bottomless, as they wrestled on the blanket. Eventually, they called a truce and settled down, yet neither bothered to cover up. The girls looked at Mark, and both immediately noticed the bulge struggling against his suit. They then took off for the water, each still half-dressed.

    The girls giggled and played around as Mark watched them frolic. He eventually joined them, and each girl immediately tried several times to dunk his head underwater. Marisa finally succeeded by jumping on his shoulders and flipping them both over. When she stood up a few seconds later, her top was gone, and her tits were completely exposed.

    "Help me find my top!" Marisa yelled. Tara found it and tossed it to Mark. As they played keep away, the blonde's perky breast bounced each time she jumped for her top. Playfully, Marisa untied Tara's bikini bottoms, which then left them both naked. Standing in the water with two nude girls caused Mark's cock to get hard instantly, despite the cool water. Mark was shocked when Marisa reached under the water and pulled his shorts down.

    "Oh my, is that a fish I feel, or are you just happy to be hanging out with us girls?" Marisa giggled as she ran her hand along the shaft.

    They romped around nude in the water for a while, then returned to the shore and dried off in the sun. Mark fought hard to resist his urges as he eyed both girls' tanned bodies as then sunbathed in the nude.
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