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    Sexual favours are a huge fantasy of mine and are something that I am genuinly trying to setup right now with two of my hot female friends.

    Both of these females want personal gym training and both of them require extensive DIY as they have both just bought new places. I used to be a builder and I'm training to be a PT, so I can fulfill both of these areas nicely,

    Neither girl has a lot of money, however both girls are single, naughty, adventurous and enjoy NSA casual sex with male friends.

    I am hoping to come to agreements with them in which I will do DIY tasks for them or train them in exchange for regular NSA sex.

    I also had a friend at uni who had regular sex with three of four hot girls on his course in exchange for helping them with their assignments.

    What sexual favours have people experienced in the past? Or does anyone have a regular thing going?