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    Ok so here's the deal I'm not a very techy guy so when my bud introduced me to texting a few months ago I was pretty intrigued. Then I heard about sexting and soon found out I am no good at it. I have always been a smooth talker and had no problem with getting dirty in the height of a conversation but when it came to texting there was no body language to read and I soon became lost. But I have a theory that is emotion is discreetly exposed during sexting using short letters or phrases. So I confronted one of my lady friends a out it and she agreed and even gave me a few common examples like when replied with "k" you have done something to piss her off. So being my stupid self undecided to go practice on a girl I barely knew and I found that when I went for the jugular and got all sexy she would tend to pretend I was joking and when I would back off and try again slowly hoping not to scare her off I would reach a point where she would go "ahha whaaat? So here I am asking you girls out there what it means and or other phrases to watch out for when sexting. Sorry a out how long and rambly it is I ended up spilling out all my thoughts on the matter by accident.

    Sorry about the length I just started writing and couldn't stop
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    If we're not replying with sexy stuff back, the you may as well stop.
    Generally I'm uninterested if I reply back with.


    Pretty much any indecisive comment.
    Also, are you just "sexting" with random girls? Like..Hmm..I think I'll send Veronica a dirty test today and see what she says..hopefully she plays a long.
    You don't just send them on a whim. Have some sort of relationship with the girl first. Hell, flirt with them IN PERSON to see if they're even into yet.