Servicing my Girlfriends friend..

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    I'm currently in a log term relationship, however recently we have discussed being in an open relationship, and although not permitted, I have to admit that I have a huge crush on two of my girlfriends hot and single female friends.

    My girlfriends female friends like to borrow me quite a lot as I used to be a builder and so im pretty good at DIY and other general tasks.

    One day Alice asks me if I could come around to hers as she needs two shelves putting up in her living room, and doesn't have the tools, but would just prefer if I did it.

    I make my way around to Alice's, armed with a bag of tools and ring her front door bell. She answers the door and as per usual she is looking smoking hot. She is in her lazy clothes and is wearing a fairly tight pair of jogging or draw string trousers and a tight tshirt. Her breasts are showing through her tshirt nicely and I just know that her ass will look amazing in those trousers.

    She is a tall and slim girl, in excellent shape, toned and firm, with nice size breasts, a fantastic ass, fantastic legs, a very pretty face and dyed red hair.

    She invites me in and I take my shoes off. She walks into the living room, and as she does so I check out her ass, and as expected, it looks amazing.

    I walk into the living room and we chat for a while before she shows me where she would like her shelf putting up. She's being friendly, maybe even a little flirty, which I'm quite happy to go along with.

    I get to work on the corner of the living room, this job won't take too long, but I might take my time as I enjoy her company.

    I start putting up the shelves, marking out and drilling etc, and Alice sticks around close and perches herself on the corner of wall, facing me and almost in a pose position.

    We chat as I work, she plays with her hair, and I tell her that I really like the new shade of red that she has recently dies her hair.

    She blushes a tiny little and she thanks me for coming around to help her out and says that she really likes my company.

    We continue chatting as I work, and our chat gets increasingly more flirty and intimate. Before long she is telling me how her dating has been going and that she desperately wants to fine a new man as she is dying for some sex.

    I tell her that she is an attractive girl and that she should be able to fine someone soon, she blushes again.

    I finish putting up her two shelves, it was only four anchors in the wall and then two pieces of wood, so it was not a big job.

    Alice disappears to the kitchen to get a drink for me and I pack away my tools.

    I go to sit on the sofa and wait for her to return. I'm kid of hoping that we can have a nice chat and maybe a little more flirting.

    She returns with two glasses of water and places them on the table in front me.

    She says thank you for putting her shelves and up and then she tells me that she would love to pay me back somehow.

    She comes closer to me, turns herself around and sits her sexy ass squarely on my lap.

    "I know you like it when girls sit on your lap" she says.

    That i do. I can feel her sexy firm ass cheeks sitting right on top of my crotch and I cannot help but start to get an immediate erection.

    I can tell that she can feel it, there isn't exactly a lot of room between my crotch and her ass, and then she says "I can feel you, how big are you I wonder?"

    "7 inches" I reply, she presses her ass firmly into my crotch and says "I bet those 7 inches feel nice"

    "You can try it out if you like?" I say,

    "That would be lovely" she says,

    Feeling turned on, I start to run my hands into her hips and waist. She takes hold of my hands and places them on her breasts.

    I make her feel a surge of hard penis as I grope and feel her breasts. I remove my hands, bring them around to her back and undo her bra. Her bra pings open and she then proceed to take off her bra without removing her tshirt.

    I then insert my hands to the front of her body again and start to feel both of her large bare breasts with my hands.

    She moans with excitement and I start to play with her hard nipples.

    "Take it nice and slow" she says,

    I do exactly that and slowly squeeze her breasts and massage her nipples. After a few more minutes of massaging, I can tell that she is getting more and more worked up.

    Suddenly she pulls my hands away and out from underneath her tshirt. She stands up, her ass right in front of my face and I give it a quick spank.

    She says "get it out then", and knowing exactly what she wants i frantically undo my trouser and pull them down. My cock stands proudly to attention and she give it a quick glance and smiles.

    She pulls down her pants and let's them drop to her ankles and bends over slightly, I get a nice view of her sexy ass and the back of her wet pussy.

    She then firmly sits onto my cock and I get the initial immense pleasure of my cock inserting her tight warm wet pussy.

    She moans with initial pleasure herself and then places on finger on her clit as she sits on me.

    I pull up the front of her tshirt over her breasts and then firmly grab both of them with my hands again.

    She slowly starts riding my cock, take her time and going up and down as much as she possibly can which each movement.

    "Fantastic cock, I want to ride you all day" she says.

    I sit back slightly and relax and let Alice do all the work, she rides me up and down frantically and moans and screams with excitment.

    She runs her clit with consistent motion whilst riding my cock, I continue massaging her nipples and she tells me that it this rate she will cum very soon.

    We slow down a little and I enjoy the movements, ever push backwards and forwards as her warm tight sticky wet pussy slides up and down my shaft.

    She tweets her hips back and forwards and really makes the most of her new ride.

    She starts to shudder with pleasure and tense up and suddenly she screams with pleasure and she orgasms. She squirts a tiny little bit, which I know is rare, but turns me on even more.

    I feel her juices running all over my penis and after a few more deep strokes, I explode inside her.

    I cum a huge amount inside her and she comments "wow that was a lot of cum, good boy"

    She continues slowly moving her hips around for a while after I cum, I remain hard and I remind her that I do actually tend to stay hard after I cum.

    "Would you be able to come again?" She says

    Yes I probably would I tell her and then she says "I want you to give me another big load all over my face"

    She gets up off my cock, turn herself around, kneels down and start to play with my cock with her hands.

    She goes slowly at first, giving me a bit of time to recover, but still keeping me hard enough, and then eventually she wraps her mouth around my cock.

    Tasting her own juices and some of my own, she slurps and my cock and takes it deep to the back of her throat.

    I place a hand on the back of her head and guide her in like a good girl, I make her suck it deep and hold it there for a few second each time, I make her gag on my cock.

    She sucks me for a few more minutes and I tell her that I'm getting close again.
    She pulls back and releases my cock from her mouth and then she moves back in a kneeling position.

    I stand up off the sofa and stand over her, my head at cock height. I take hold of the back of her head again and fierce fully insert me penis into her mouth, I fuck her mouth hard and deep just as if it where her pussy, I hear the gagging sound as I hit the back of her mouth with each punishing stroke.

    Alice's eyes start to tear up and stream a little as I fuck her mouth, grabbing the back of her head with both hands.

    Eventually I start to get close again and I pull my self out of her mouth. She takes a large breath and recovers a little from her deep mouth fucking and then I take hold of her head again.

    I tilt her head back slightly with one hand and rapidly stroke my coco with the other.

    I keep the tip of my penis poised over her face, I tell her that she might want to close her eyes and then I explode all over her face. Here face is literally covered in cum and she moans with disbelief.

    I dip the tip of my penis is some of the cum off her cheek and I insert it into her mouth, afterall she deserves a taste.

    She starts to wipe up most of the cum with her fingers and licks them clean each time.

    She thanks me for servicing her and tells me that I should come around next week.

    She looked so hot with cum on her, I wish I had taken a photograph, I guess we shall just have to do it all again next week...

    We get cleaned up and dressed, i spank and grope her sexy ass again, we kiss and snog and then I leave her with a big smile on her face,

    Job well done.
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    That's hot.
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    Great experience, but how do you now feel about your gf?
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    Nice, my cock got a little hard reading that.
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    I'm wet.
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    Very hot,