Selling a Sex Tape

Discussion in 'Sex and Relationships' started by mkm, Mar 12, 2010.

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    So recently my girlfriend and I have had discussions about making a porno. Now we have home movies of us but lately we have been talking about filming other people having sex and then trying to sell it. Now we would be doing nothing illegal and the people would be getting compensated for their time and work, so the question we have is where do we go with a finished product?

    I'm a film major and I can film it the way I want but I don't have any clue how to try and market the thing besides word of mouth and Craigslist. If anybody has any idea how to go about doing this it would be great.

    I would prefer not to build a website because that to me is far more complex than just making a DVD.

    The only information I received online was about this one company that buys home movies if we meet their expectations but it seems rather shady to me.

    So if anybody has any information on how to do this, I would appreciate it so much. Thanks.
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    I can't help ya but, I must say I'm intrigued by your new venture. I wish you luck and hope you keep us updated on how things go.