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    May 23, 2013
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    I'm brand new to this forum, I've joined to get some more ideas for my sex life. I'm now two years into a relationship and rather than things slowing down, they're really hotting up.

    About 6 months ago my girlfriend went on a girls night out before a friends wedding. She was a nurse and they were all instructed to buy nurses costumes. My girlfriend bought a PVC outfit but decided it was too much to wear in public. She kept it and one night I suggested she showed me how it looks. It was amazing, bright red and very sexy. She couldn't stop rubbing the PVC and standing in front of me I could see her legs quivering. We had the naughtiest sex that night and since then she has loved dressing up. She got a police outfit and a full PVC catsuit. I love it.

    After a while she asked if she could pick something for me to wear too. She asked if she could be in control for a whole night. I said ok but nothing happened for a while. One night I met her after work and we went for some drinks. As the night went on I could tell she was becoming hornier and eventually she admitted she had bought something for me to wear. She said she was embarrassed but really wanted to me to dress up for her. I agreed, no matter what it was. She said she had always had a thing for rugby players and had a thing for guys in the traditional style kit. She said she thought it was manly and really turned her on. We finished our drinks and headed home.

    As soon as we arrived home we went straight to the bedroom. On the bed lay the outfit she wanted me to wear. A green rugby shirt with a big white collar, black tight shorts and red sports socks. She asked me to change so I did, she stood and watched as I stripped and changed into the kit. As soon as I finished she ran towards me and pushed me against the wall, she grabbed the collar in both hands and roughly kissed my neck. Hear head moved lower and lower over my body and eventually she was licking my cock through the shorts. She was licking so much that she was drooling almost, it was pretty hot. She stood back up and grabbed the collar again. This time she pulled it open ripping the buttons off and exposing my chest. She then went back down to my shorts, pulled my cock over the waistline and took me straight down her throat. She held it inside for what seemed like minutes then pulled back to produce my cock completely drenched. I knew I was in for a great blowjob and she didn't disappoint. When she finished there was a huge pool on the floor and her shirt was ruined

    She then jumped up and pushed me to the bed, hitched up her skirt and jumped on my cock. She rode me hard for about 10 minutes until she screamed she was going to cum, she leant back and then erupted, squirting all over me. The shirt was now drenched in her cum and when she leant forward this seemed to turn on her on more. She grabbed the collar again and rode me as hard and fast as she could, She started screaming louder and louder and she ripped open the shirt completely and then had a huge orgasm. She jumped to the floor and told me to wank over her. After a few minutes I was ready to cum and fired cum all over her covering her face, shirt and skirt.

    It was the naughtiest sex - and messiest - I've ever had. I wanted to share this as I've been reading other people's fantasies and got a few ideas. All I can suggest to others is, if your partner has a fetish for dressing up in a particular outfit, do it! You'll have the best time ever!