R.I.P. Sir Graves Ghastly

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    Oct 18, 2006
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    Mr. Lawson Deming a.k.a Sir Graves Ghastly passed away 1 day after his 94th birthday. This sad news is spreading quickly, and you can learn more details by visiting Keith Milford's website, sirgravesghastly.com (This is an awesome homage site! This profile was created to keep the memory alive for so many who have forgotten!). We have a lot to remember, he was the favorite part of my childhood as he was for so many of you! I actually grew up just a few miles from him! :cry I'm going to go have an empty place in my heart for a while...Please take the time to leave a comment if you remember him; I'm sure his family would appreciate knowing how his memory will always linger!
    Thanks and God Bless Sir Graves Ghastly!