Pt 2 The little fella

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    I walk up the fight of stairs to the second floor. Opening the door I see down the hallway several numbered doors. Behind each one is a room for a night. A place for a weary traveler to rest up from a days journey and soak ones troubles away in a bath.

    I wasn't here for that.

    I knock on the door and hear movement from within. The door knob turns and a slight opening spills light into the dimly lit hallway.

    "Hi, it's me. You called?"

    A smile broaches her face and the door opens fully. My mischievous
    Sandy stands before me in a white men's dress shirt. Long sleeve. Button down collar. Some men prefer lingerie. She knows I much prefer this. This is sexy. Seductive. Alluring. It shows off her legs well. Legs that, I soon find out, go all the way to heaven.

    "Yes I did. I'm horney and I need you real bad."

    I pulled her toward me or maybe she pulled me. All I knew is that I had a handful of bare ass and she had a handful of hard cock. How the hell did she unzip my pants without me noticing? The little minx.

    She strokes my cock willingly and wantonly as if to say 'this how I wanna be fucked'. We're not going to do it her way. She's my play thing. We'll do it my way. I let her know this by grabbing a handful of blond hair and while standing there pull her head back and sucking down hard on her exposed neck leaving a purple brand of ownership on her.

    She protests!

    I aggressively lunge my tongue in her mouth and finish silencing her with two fingers deep in her crotch.

    She gasps and responds with hips that grind back into my hand. I finger her clit faster and harder than she stroked my cock.

    It's a furious flickering.

    Her hand ceases to move. Breathing disapates. Knees buckle. Mouth is agape. Muscles tense.

    She's still, quiet and focused. And then, eruption.

    It's starts as a quiver followed by a low guttural moan. A quick second or two later screams of orgasm flow from her throat. Hips withdraw in spasm and thrust back with power and passion. She leans back against the wall for support then grabs hold of my wrist wanting the hand to stop. I relent and allow her to regain her sense of balance. I grab a handful of bossum and squeeze her flesh through her shirt then scratch my nails back and forth across the nipples till they become hard and erect.

    I suck and gnaw on them with my mouth, the cloth dampening between her flesh and mine. Her hand pulls my head into her chest. I Glance up into her eyes and as they meet we smile and then kiss.

    She starts to unbutton her shirt but I clasp her wrists, nod my head in the negative and whisper "leave it on, I like you this way".

    She smiles and replies "alright then".

    I get undressed while seductively kissing and sucking her lips. She lends a helping hand though that hand seems to find my hardon more often than a button or belt buckle.

    I don't complain.

    We flop on the bed and start to fondle one another like a couple of horny teens. The difference is that we know what we're looking for.

    I roll onto my back and pull her on top of me. Her ample breast press against my chest. My cock twitches on response.

    The little fella is enjoying this.

    I slide my hands down to her ass and lightly scratch it's roundness with my nails.

    She moans, hips pressing against mine.

    I then draw my fingers up each side of her spine to her neck. My hands digging into flesh. Fingers surround the back of her neck then across her scalp. I pull her head in and taste the moans eminating from her throat, across her lips and into mine.

    The little fella twitches again.

    She notices this time and begens gliding down my body leaving a trail of kisses. As she arrives at her destination her eyes look up, smile and stroking slowly seductively says "you want me to suck your cock".

    I stare and say without hesitation "yes... Gawd YES"

    She shows me what an expert she is as my man meat disappears in mouth over and over again. I grind my crotch into her face with every down stroke of her lips.

    " your such a Cockwhore aren't you". She groans in agreement. Her tongue is incredible.

    She then starts to lick and suck my balls.

    "Oh ya" I groan. "Suck them harder". She does so with trepidation. She afraid of hurting me. I grab the back of her head and reassure her " I love it. Suck on them hard. Really hard".

    She sucks them into her mouth with all she has. This sends me to that edge of pain and pleasure as my cock couldn't get any harder. She strokes it while sucking on my nuts. The head of my cock leaks out its precum. She feels one of my testicles start to pull away. She knows what's cummimg but I tell her anyway.

    "Oh baby... I'm going to cum"

    Her mouth plunges back down on my cock, exploding between her lips. I feel it filling her mouth. I wait for her to pull off.

    She doesn't.

    She keeps bobbing her head up and down sucking all my seed from me like the hungry cock whore she is.

    When she finishes, I have nothing left. Not even a moist dribbling from the slit of my cock head.


    She smiles a wicked smile. Quite proud of herself, as she should be.

    "Bring that pussy up here." She moves up and starts to turn and present crotch. I stop her. "No. Face me and straddle my mouth. "

    I get a surprised look from her. She turns to face me then settles her wettness on my face. I reach up and caress tits as my tongue slips between her pussy lips, sucking them into my mouth.

    I look up and watch her face.

    I slide my tongue up and over her clit. I repeat it again over and over, slowly and but in one upward direction, never with a downward stroke. This causes her orgasm to slowly build but not release. I want her to squirm.

    Her hips grind into my face seeking relief. I don't give it to her. Long succulent lickings of her pussy lips and up upon her clit.

    She groans. She wants it. Eyes are closed. Mouth open. Hips undulating in a steady slow rythm as she searches for relief.

    It's nearing time. I roll her onto her back. Hands press me into her. She ready. I slide my tongue down her clit and then back up. Once... Twice... Thrice...

    "Arrrrghhhh. Oh haws. OH FUCKKKKKkkkk"

    Her hips buck furiously against my face. So much so that my nose and tongue both repeatedly assault her groin.

    One orgasm rolls onto another and another. She's literally fucking my face.


    Her convulsions refuse to cease as they continue for what seemed an eternity.

    She finally falls away and gathers herself back to earth. That is until she feels my hard meat plunging into her.

    I raise her ankles to my shoulders and fuck her deep and hard. Balls slamming her asshole again and again. I stare down at her.

    "Feel that cock Slut? You made it hard. It loves banging your cunt. "

    "Oh that cunt loves it. Fuck me with that hard dick. FUCkME"

    I feel my seed starting to boil upward. I need to hold it back and fuck the whore. But I can't resist my lustfull desire.

    "Who's slut are you?"


    "I'm going to you with cum. I'm going to make you my whore. Take it slut. Take it. Aaaahhhhh"

    I release my load into her filling her pussy with my cum as she grabs my ass and pulls me in.

    We each take a moment to catch our breath. Her head rests on my chest as she says "I'm going to enjoy being the bosses whore!"

    The little fella twitches in agreement.
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    Are you hiring ? That was really hot, well written
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    I have an open door policy just for you.