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    Ever since that afternoon when Dolly was molested by three other Project girls with whom she and her closest and dearest friend Nitasha had run-ins ever since junior and senior high school days and who was forced to watch Claudette, Neesha, and Wanda have their way with her, their going down on Dolly with her beautiful platinum blonde hair on both her head and between her legs and having Dolly go down on Claudette's black, hairy pussy until she filled her mouth with all her pussy cream and ejaculate as well as her warm urine, their relationship turned around completely.

    No longer were they antagonistic towards one another, but ever since that afternoon of wanton, lustful sex and making love, the five girls became quite good friends; although, Claudette, Neesha, and Wanda remained close to one another while Dolly and Nitasha remained inseparable friends and lovers.

    Thus, now the five did quite well in their Aerobics Class that came as a great surprise to their coach Miss Robinson who had to discipline Dolly and Claudette on the very first day, making them run an extra ten laps around the gym, for talking in the ranks. No one knew at the time, however, Claudette and her two cohorts had made plans to catch Dolly and Nitasha in the shower room after all the other girls had gone. And when they walked in on their making love, Claudette played that Ace perfectly. She blackmailed Dolly and Nitasha to do what she wanted or she would tell Miss Robinson who would in all likelihood take it to the Dean of Students, and once this happened the story would have gone all through the campus community and their reps would have been ruined. If that wouldn't have been bad enough, their mothers would be informed.

    But none of that happened since during the molestation of Dolly the original plan Claudette, Neesha, and Wanda had made concerning Dolly and Nitasha went to naught once they all ended that afternoon sharing sex and making love. As Dolly had said, "What a difference sex and love make with people," and the other four surely agreed with what she said.

    The day didn't start out too well for the five, but it ended up very well, but even this change didn't go by without a hitch.

    Unbeknown to any of them, Miss Robinson, their coach, had not left her office or the gym when all this began. She had some paper work about class loads and scheduling to get done before the next day that she had to turn in at the office before classes began the following day.

    When she did leave her office, she noticed light coming from the locker room, and assuming someone had forgotten to turn them off, she walked towards the entrance to the locker room. As she went into the entranceway, she heard voices and strange sounds coming from inside.

    "Surely," she thought, " there shouldn't be any of the girls still in the shower or locker rooms."

    However, as she walked into the locker room, she found those lights to be off, but there was still light in the shower room from which she heard voices but no water running which she thought was very odd.

    Cautiously Miss Robinson walked very quietly towards the shower room to see what was going on in there. Well, as she walked along an outside wall that hid her from anyone inside, especially since it was darker in the locker room where no lights were on, she blended into the shadow cast by the light shining from within the shower room.

    What she saw absolutely amazed her. She saw five girls having sex with one another: two black girls on the floor in a sixty-nine position, another black girl kneeling with her head between a white girl's legs who was lying flat on a bench, and another black girl sitting on the white girl's face. And all of these girls were in her last period class.

    The two black girls in the sixty-nine position were Nitasha and Neesha. Wanda was the black girl kneeling between the white girl's legs eating her pussy, and there was no mistaking who the white girl was. Her platinum blonde hair made it obvious: it was Dolly. The black girl sitting on Dolly's face who was having her eat her pussy was Claudette, and it was the two of them who had gotten into it at the beginning of class for which she made them run the extra ten laps.

    "Now look at them," Miss Robinson thought to herself. "They're as close to one another as any two women can be." And as the vision of those two etched itself in her mind, Miss Robinson felt a warm, tingling sensation course through her body and run over her pussy, causing her to shiver with sexual excitement.

    "Oh, my," Miss Robinson sighed to herself. "This is some sight I've walked in on I must admit."

    As she watched the five girls making love, hearing the moans and groans of passion echoing around the near-empty shower room, and smelled the sexual pheromones permeate the entire place, she felt herself getting wet between her legs, so much so she could tell the crotch of her thong panties was very damp.

    Standing in the shadows as it were and considering the five girls were so caught up in their lovemaking and working towards having their orgasms and helping one another have theirs, no one was aware of Miss Robinson's presence and her watching them in their sexual orgy.

    Miss Robinson was still wearing her school T-Shirt with Oakland Community College on it, and her large breasts made the material taught so her excited nipples pressed against it so they stood in relief. Her shorts were high on her thighs and displayed her well-rounded ass cheeks to their fullest. Beyond thoses two articles of clothing, Miss Robinson wore a sports bra, her running shoes, and a pair of athletic socks.

    But out of all she had on it was her thong panties that were being affected the most from what she saw, and it was the crotch of her thong panties that had been getting wet and wetter as she continued to gaze upon these five wanton girls straining towards their orgasms.

    Finally, Miss Robinson could take no more of just watching. Breathing deeply and shallowly, she stretched the band around her shorts with her left hand and slipped it over her firm abdomen and down to her panties. There she slid her fingers underneath the elastic and inserted her whole hand inside, feeling her fingers run through her soft, reddish, auburn pubic hair onto her aroused clit, between her pussy lips, and down to her vagina.

    Once there Miss Robinson felt the creaminess of her vaginal lubricant that had already begun to accumulate, and so without any difficulty, she collected some of her cream and slid two of her fingers inside her vaginal sheath until she could go no further.

    She stopped for a moment to collect herself, but then she began to thrust her fingers in and out of her ever-growing pussy cream. She heard the squishing sound her fingers made as they worked her pussy, and as she felt her pussy walls swelling around her two fingers, she rubbed her fingertips over her G-Spot sac area that added a thinner liquid that mixedd with her lubricant and the fleshy ridges inside the top of her vaginal sheath. With the squishing liquid draining from her vaginal opening into Miss Robinsion's panty crotch she felt her hand dripping with her ejaculate.

    Miss Robinson slid her drenched hand and fingers up through her vagina and dragged them up between her hair-covered labia to her excited clit that was now standing hard and erect from beneath its hood. Her clit tingled beneath her busy fingers that were going around and across it.

    "Ohhhhhhhhhh. Yesssss! Go for it, Girl," Miss Robinson sighed as she watched the girls bringing themselves to orgasm in their five-girl orgy.

    It was heavenly to watch, and it was excrutiatingly divine to be getting herself off. Her sensual sensations were building stronger as she rubbed her pussy, and she flicked her forefinger lightly and as quickly as humanly possible over her vibrating clit until she felt the beginning of her oncoming orgasm.

    "Oh, my god. How incredibly beautiful those five are, and how exciting to watch them eating each other's pussies," Miss Robinson whispered softly to herself.

    And when she heard each girl having her orgasm, Neesha and Nitasha filling each other's mouths in a mutual cum-fest; Wanda getting herself off while Dolly was filling her willing mouth with her pussy cream and ejaculate; and Claudette cumming into Dolly's waiting mouth that she had covrered with her pussy lips and vagianl opening that included her urethra from which she squirted load after load of her hot urine past Dolly's mouth directly into her stomch.

    Miss Robinson saw all of this as she came all over her fingers and hand that she slid up and out of her panties and shorts and then brought up to her willing mouth to lick her fingers and hand clean of all her pussy cream.

    She was panting hard but did not want the girls to find her in the locker room, so Miss Robinson kept to the shadows and walked softly back to her office and shut the door behind her. After securing herself in her room, she sat behind her desk and rested on her chair with her head on the back and her body slouched forward as she worked to get her breath back and the fullness in her chest eased. She had had a very, erotic cum that she enjoyed immensely. However, as good as her self-loving was while she watched the five girls making love and having pure, raw sesx in the shower room, Miss Robinson had other ideas running through her mind as far as future plans she had in mind for some of the students.

    She knew the rep of Claudette and the two other girls and had the gut feeling that most likely they would take advantage of any situation in which she had them involved. However, as for Dolly and Nitasha, she kneww they were both good students, studied hard, made good grades, and conducted themselves with decorum and poise.

    Besides, to the best of her knowledge, having seen how close they were with one another and how they often walked hand-in-hand, she believed they were sisters of Sappho, and Miss Robinson wanted to have first-hand experience to prove herslef right about Nitasha and Dolly.

    All Miss Robinson needed was a plan, a plan that would seem quite casual and natural on her part and that would lead up to the three of them enjoying lovemaking with one another.

    When or how this would happen Miss Robinson wasn't sure. She just knew it would happen sooner or later.

    So as the early days went by and Miss Robinson got to know the girls in her aerobics class on a first name basis, Dolly and Nitasha found their athletic abilities kept them in good stead doing the aerobic exercises, and with each passing day their bodies became more firm, fit, and agile, and their muscles became more pronounced and supple. Of course, since this was a course in aerobics, their breath control and getting their heart rates up to an aerobic rate was important. For Dolly and Nitasha since both were eighteen, their low end would be 127 beats per minute (bpm) and their high end would be 189/190 beats per minute.

    At first they found it difficult to get their heart beats down to normal quickly, but as their daily training progressed, they found it not to be difficult at all.

    As for some of the other girls, especially Claudette, Neesha, and Wanda, they just didn't want to expend all the energy, concentration, and time to excel at their aerobic exercises. So, this in itseslf worked out well for Miss Robinson since she did not have to include them in her plans she had for Dolly and Nitasha. And as the days went on, the three girls were often the first ones to shower and leave campus while Nitasha and Dolly were usually the last since they often enjoyed being alone in the gym, doing aerobic exercises together, and listening to the soothing, mood music Miss Robinson played for the girls to help them get into and keep their aerobic timing.

    This was fortuitous for Miss Robinson since having the gym, locker room, and shower room cleared of all girls except Dolly and Nitasha made things perfect for her plan.

    On one particular day when snow had fallen and the temperature had dropped into the thirties, Nitasha and Dolly were glad this was an evening they did not have to go into the city to waitress at the underground restaurant in Gateway Plaza. It was going to be bad enough walking up to the bus stop to get the bus to The Village.

    So they were quite content to remain behind after all the other girls had gone home and have some extra time alone doing their aerobic exercises as well as share the shower room together which brought back many memories, both bad and good, the day Claudette, Neesha, and Wanda caught them making love in the shower room and then blackmailing them into having sex with them, beginning with molesting Dolly. Although, it all ended well with the five engaged in a wild sex orgy in which everyone was sexually pleased and the five ended up being friends. However, while friends, the three never did come between Dolly and Nitasha and the love they had for one another. Dolly had even told Claudette that it would be that way.