Poem of Passion

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    when you kiss me
    At that time I feel so free
    When our lips finally met
    I could not resist how I felt when your moist lips made mine wet
    I to could feel my chest pounding with every beat of my heart
    At that time I knew I want you and never wanted us to part
    Your and my lips didn't stop at our lip
    As we explored each others body all we could do is pull the covers with every grip
    We knew great lovers can do more than one thing at one time
    We know when you make love it should be so sublime
    When the wetness of my lips touch every part of your naked skin
    I knew by your movements you wanted me to lick certain parts again
    Since I aim to please
    I dotted all the I's and crossed all the T's
    You knew when we made love
    pleasing you was the only thing I was thinking of
    With every lick of my tongue and ever stroke of my hand
    All your wishes was at my command
    It wasn't any part of your flesh that I wasn't aware of
    I touched it all with tender love
    It was times you moved to the rhythmic motion of my every move
    I knew by your reactions if you disapprove or approve
    As we got deeper and deeper into love making
    I knew it was time when you griped my arms with your legs and started shaking
    I knew without any words said
    I knew you loved it with no nod of your head
    You loved the way I touched every part of your sweet naked skin
    And also loved when I knew when to do something again
    Without any words to tell me anything at all
    I just knew when you liked something by what I saw
    I knew When it was all said and done
    Your heart was won
    I knew by the way you basted in the pleasure
    You had a treasure
    And the way I did the same
    That you also added to the flame
    The flame of our desire
    was hotter than any fire
    The sun itself couldn't hold a candle
    Because we both game more than we could handle
    As I laid there looking into your eyes
    We knew we would never again say our good-byes