Playing Shy

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    Aug 4, 2005
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    If any couples wanna take the hum drum out of their sex life, they might give this a shot.

    When I was still with my ex, we used to play this little game where I would catch her playing with herself. Being of a curious nature, it wouldn't be long until I was down there, up close and personal with her pussy. The scent and sounds coming from her pussy was such a turn on that I could practically "pole" vault across the room. She would tease me by letting me lick off her fingers while keeping her pussy covered with her other hand. I would begin by licking her inner thighs, along with the occassional light kiss to her clit thru her parted fingers. All this time she would be saying we shouldn't be doing this cuz it was dirty, perverted, etc. But she would get so turned on, my scalp still hurts from the memory of her pulling me into her her wetness. Not to brag, but I do know my way around a pussy, and soon she would be experiencing a mind blowing orgasm :phat The fact she used to keep her pussy smooth as a baby's butt was an added bonus.

    After coming down from her sexual high, she would practically devour me in her wantoness. It seemed she couldn't wait to get my cock deep in her throat. Her moans of contentment when she was sucking me used to send vibrations thru my cock, and it was all I could do to keep from cumming in her mouth. Not that she would of minded, but she said having a cock in her pussy after cumming from my oral efforts drove her up the wall. it seemed she would be tighter after cumming that way too.

    Unfortunately, we are going thru a divorce , and since then I have had a hard time finding a lady who will indulge me in this little game. Guess I'll just have to keep looking til I find her. :drool