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    Mar 24, 2015
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    i would love to become some sexy girls panty knickers slave on here.
    ive a big fetish for nylon full back knickers.
    the way it works,to who ever girl excepts my request,
    she would tell me what type of knickers she has on,and how long there on,and the smell of pussy and ass,and whatever else is in them,put up a picture of them,so i can give marks out of 10.
    then you tell me,what ive to do.remember im your panty slave.
    and if im a good panty slave,you might be so kind and send me the dirty knickers.
    i could only dream that they would look like these dirty knickers.
    hoping to here some responce back.
    you can private message me,or go through the forums.
    you will have the final say,im at your disposal
    cheers;) 848233984.jpg
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