Our young life after marige.

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    At 19 my wife Misty got her High school diploma, Like me she was educationally challanged. Reading, Writeing and math were verry difficult for us both. She was determined not to quit, So going to night school and after having numerous after class affairs with the instructer, She finally got her diploma.

    After this her mom Debe, Set us down for a talk. I had ben living with them both and Crystal, Misty's younger sister for 2 years. She wanted to imply I was not paying my fair share. I was working steady, But not making much money.

    In my free time I manicured her 5 acre lawn, Cleaned and maintained her pool, Washed, Waxed and polished her shiney black Cadilac. When Misty was gone I was trying to keep her sexual needs met, But none of this matterd, I was eating her food, Drinking her booze and fucking her daughter, She wanted us out.

    "Look ya'll, You both are adults now, And it's time for you to get your own place."

    "Ahhh.....Mom Mikey don't make enough money for that!"

    " I know that, Thats why I'm going to give you a job, Your going to be my receptionest at my office."

    "I don't know how to do office work." Her mom was a RealEstate agent. She just needed someone to ansewer the phone, Make coffee , Go to the post office, Get lunch, Just easy stuff she needed done. But mainly just to have a pretty girl greet her clients, When they come in, Every office needs that. Misty agreed to it.

    "Now I got ya'll a place to live, I kicked this Son of a Bitch out, About a month ago, I just got the inside painted, And got brand new carpet in it... I'm Going to rent it to ya'll for $200.00 a month.

    "Sounds good Deb...Wheres it at."

    "The trailer park."

    "Not the trailer park!!!" We both scream in horror.

    "Yes kiddies the trailer park, Lots of nice people live there, They got a pool and everything."

    "But mom I'll get my ass beat there!"

    "Oh Misty grow up!" She looks at me.

    "My baby was not getting in to trouble and fights untill you come along."

    "Oh come on Deb, That aint my fault!"

    "I'm moving ya'll this weekend." And so she did, It was not a bad place I guess. I got home every day around 4:00. In time to get a shower, She got home between 5 and 6. She allways was wearing her shortest dresses and skirts, And her high heels, I allways welcomed her home, With a hard dick, Sex was awesome in our own place. No more people walking in on us, And we could walk around the house nakeid, This was great.

    The following spring Crystal graduated High school, And her mom set in on her to move out. The truth of the matter was, Debe had ben a widow since she was 25, She could not keep a steady man. All her sexual activity was taking place in the bar parking lots and the cheap motels around town. She wanted her house to herself, So she could entertain her many boyfriends.

    So Crystal moved in with us. She was attending classes at the local comunty college, She also went down to the Hooters resteraunt, To aply for a job, With her pretty looks and big tit's, She was hired on the spot. All 3 of us were close to the same age, So we got allong good, And Crystal helped out with the bills to, So the arangement was working out great.

    She was slimmer and fit compared to Misty, She looked great in the Hooter's outfit. The white tank top, Little orange shorts and pantyhose. My dick was getting hard every night, When she got home. On this Friday night, She came in, Me and Misty were in bed, Watching TV. We usually were finished with our sexual activities, By that time of night.

    Our bedroom door was open, Crystal got her a beer and a bag of chips, She sat on the coutch, With her legs spread wide, Her pussy just bulged from her tight little shorts, With the perfect camel toe look.

    That night Tom Cruise was on the Tonight Show, He just made her pussy ache, She was a huge fan, Of everything he did.

    Be back to finish it a little later.
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    She slipped her hand inside her shorts, And was playing with her pussy. I was watching her, While Misty watched T.V.

    "Baby you ever thought about getting a job down at Hooters?"

    "Naw...I can't get my fat ass in to those tight little shorts...Why?"

    "You would look great in the outfit."

    "I'll get a pair of shorts and borrow one of her shirts and dress up for your sick litte game."

    "Oh baby that would be cool." She continued playing with her pussy.

    "Crystals Horny." I whispered in to her ear. She turned and watched her.

    "Mmmmm...She sure is," She reached under the blanket and grabbed my cock.

    "And your horny to....First mom and now my sister?"


    "I got you now!...Maybe I need to get my slut paddle out after you...Wouldn't you like to see Crystal watch you get your ass beat?"

    "No baby don't do that." The show went off, Crystal let out a sigh. She bent over and took her shoes and socks off and went to her room. Misty had rolled over away from me, I kissed her on the neck.

    "No I aint giving you none!"

    "But Mikey's horny!"

    "You just need a beer." She gets up, Puts her robe on and walks in to the kitchen. As she walks by Crystals room, The buzz of a vibrator, Catches her attention. She stands there listening to her moans. The door is cracked open, She pushes it open. Crystal was nude from the waste down, Her eyes closed, Fucking herself with her toy, A magizine lay next to her, Open to a picture of Tom Cruise. Misty watched her for a moment, She then opened the can of beer. This caught Crystal's attention, Bringing her back to reality.

    "Oh I'm sorry, Did I wake you up?"

    "No not at all...Wouldn't you rather have the real thing?"

    "You mean it?"

    "We'll he defently aint no Tom Cruise, But I'll share him with you." Crystal got out of bed and followed Misty to our room. I watched my wife turn up and guzzle the beer, Her pink robe hit the floor. Crystal took off her tank top and bra, Both girls climbed in to bed with me. Misty snatched the covers off.

    "Look at what he got, Watching you masterbate."

    "Aww Mikey...I didn't know you liked me like that." She said holding my cock.

    "Go ahead sis, Show him what you can do." She went down on me taking my cock all the way in to her mouth, She held my balls in her hand, While she worked my cock in and out. Me and Misty kiss. She brakes her kiss and leans over the bed, Reaching box of sex toys.

    I run my fingers through Crystals hair. Misty gets over next to her, I feel something cold and wet against my ass, Her lubed but plug gets shoved up my ass.

    "Ugh!!...Damit you!" Misty smiles

    "You better not cum!...I got my slut paddle, Right here if you do."

    "Grrrrr!!!" Crystal let me go.

    "I have to have him in my pussy." CrystalThrows her leg over me, Stradleing my cock, Misty holds my cock, Guideing it in to her sisters love hole. She slowly lowers herself down on to me . She flexes her abs, Exposeing her 6 pack, Her pussy tightens around my cock.

    "Ohhhh....Baby!!!...She's so tight!" Rideing me up and down

    "Don't you rember when I was tight like that?" I shook my head. She shoved the but plug, Up my ass again.


    "Don't you cum!" She holds up Showing me her slut paddle. She then stradles my face, spreading her big gapd out pussy.

    "Eat all that cum out, You put in me while ago." Smothering me with her pussy. Crystal bucked up and down, Like a wild woman, She let out a moan, Tossing her head back, Her body tensed up, She cummed, Unable to hold back I cummed, My cock pulsed shooting my massive load deep in to her tight snatch, Crystal relaxed, Satisfied, My spent cock slips out.

    "Damit!!!...I told you not to cum!...Now I'm horny and your spent! Roll over and take your punishment!" Crystal watched as Misty spanked my ass.

    "Dam!!! I Didn't know ya'll were in to that kind of shit!"

    "When you get yourself a man, This is how you keep him in line. Now roll your sorry ass back over, Clean my sister up." Crystal straddled my face, All my hot spunk was running out of her, Back in to my mouth.

    Misty went right to work stroking, Sucking my cock, Bringing it back to life, She put one of those bands around my balls, Then lowerd herself on to me, Rideing me, Like Crystal was earlier, I looked up, Seeing my wife's hands, Holding her sisters tit's, I watched them kiss. She continued to ride me, And finally she squealed, As she cummed I shot my load cumming, And Crystal cummed, We all 3 cummed together, The girls lay at my sides and fell asleep on my chest.

    The next Friday night, Misty had her own Hooters outfit, And Crystal brought some Hot wings home, So we could make the scene as real as possible.