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    Hello forum members,

    I have had some experience, although I do not consider myself an expert, far from it, thus my inquiry. I have watched videos and read tutorials (ie. Eat Pussy Like a Champ/Learn about the g-spot, a-spot, etc.) on how to properly please a woman through oral stimulation, but even after going through all the info, I don't think I got it quite down.

    Here's my approach: I gently massage the pelvic region. Work the vaginal mound, the area attaching the legs and the pelvis. I kiss the area and the lips. I go slowly, realizing that rushing into it would be such a mood killer. I tease my way towards the vagina. Eventually, I would start gently by licking the clit and its hood. I would then form my mouth into a position as if I were sucking a cherry. With this position, I would suck the clitoris while trying to use my tongue to lick up and down or side to side. I would go at this for more than 5 minutes. My chin would be wet and the pussy area would be as well, but I'm not sure if my partner came or not. I'm too ashamed to ask, and maybe, they are not honest about it to prevent me from being embarrassed. I think the wetness comes about from my tongue action, so I don't think I made her come. Sometimes I would try to work my finger into the vaginal canal, while sucking on the clit, or sometimes to take a break from the clit action. I would start with one finger, making sure it is moist by licking it and inserting it downwards with the palm side facing the floor. I would use it to feel the insides and massage the walls. After a period of time, I would go with two fingers, but no more than that. I would then try to have both fingers pointed upward and give the "come to me" motion while pressing on the top floor, trying to rub against what I think is the g-spot. I don't think I have ever found it. (Side story: I had one partner that let me explore the inner walls of her vagina through fingering. I tried to search for the ever-elusive g-spot, but did not find it. My partner looked bored.)

    I had a partner that had a milkish fluid that was almost drying up near the entrance of her vagina. I tasted it. Not sure what it was. I thought for her to come, it would have to be moist and dripping.

    I had another partner, that after she rode me through various positions of cowgirl, I wanted to taste her. I stuck my tongue inside and tasted something sweet. Obviously, not as a result of any oral stimulation on my part.

    I read somewhere that the clit itself is not the point of stimulation but a nerve located nearby at the hood region. Is this correct?

    Does sticking one's tongue into a vaginal canal do much? By the way, I don't have much length, as far as the tongue goes.

    I have seen several porno films from Japan where the male actor would have their fingers inserted into the female performer and they would be jamming it aggressively. The female performer would eventually become very wet and she wouldn't stop dripping or her juices would fly everywhere. The male actor would sample the juices and finger her some more, and the female performer would cum again and again. I'm trying to get my partner to come, but I am intimidated that I can't even get her to this point, even once.

    I have even considered traveling to New York after hearing about an individual that specializes in teaching proper technique through "in vivo" (live/being present at the moment) training.

    Would like some feedback on this.
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    There is no set way to do it as every woman is different. All the technique in the world will do no good, if you don't learn how to read that what you are doing is working. Learning good techniques is a good idea, but it sounds like you are putting to much emphasis on what technique, instead of noticing and reacting accordingly to her responses. Often, when you start using the right technique for the woman you are with, she'll likely say something like "Oh yes....that's it...". Generally, if you've been going down on her for like 10 minutes and she hasn't cum or isn't obviously on her way to soon, you're probably not doing what works for her. If all else is failing, ask her.

    Also, you need to realize that some women don't get a lot out of cunnilingus and won't cum no matter how long or well you do it. However, the will let a man do it as they know many men get pleasure from it. This type will usually say I want to taste you/you to be inside me now. That said, just because she wants to move on to something else without cumming, doesn't mean you have failed. Again, every woman is different. Learn to read the signs and go with the flow. If you get invited for a return performance, you are obviouly on the right track.

    All this has served me well. I have yet to fail to make a woman cum with oral sex. This includes a a few that had admitted that they had either never cum from oral, or had been having problems cumming in general. A while back, I received the ultimate oral sex compliment. A former lover who I am still close friends with were discussing things sexual. When we ended up on the topic of oral sex, she told me this: "You should be very proud of your oral skills". "After we split, I had a VERY promiscuous phase and went through over 100 different men". "In my whole life, only 2 men have made me cum that way and you're one of them". "Most men don't have a clue as to what they are doing". "You pay attention to what's obviously working, or not working". I'm normally rather humble, but knowing that put one prideful smile on my face.

    A woman's G-Spot is not hard to find, unless she is one of the rare cases that has a an extremely tiny one. or it is deeper insidr than four inches. They very in size, but I'd say on average, it will be about the size of a dime. To find it, have her lie on her back. Slowly insert two fingers inside her with the tips facing up. Feel the top of her vaginal wall. You are looking for an oblong area that feels rougher than the rest of her vaginal walls. To the fingers, the G-spot feels like a small bean located directly behind the pubic bone, front and center, on the ceiling of the vagina. It’s generally about two inches into the vagina, but the exact size and location varies. If you could imagine a small clock inside the vagina with twelve o’clock pointing towards the naval, most women would find the G-spot in an area between eleven and one o’clock. Not all woman get pleasure from G-Spot manipulation, so, again you need to pay attention to what is as isn't working for her. Remember, Porn is usually just an act for the camera and are often faked. A lot of G-Spot orgasms in porn are dramatically faked with pee. In reality, for most women that squirt, it's nowhere as dramatic and for many, a G-Spot orgasm is just a gush of fluid, without a visible squirt. G-Spot orgasm fluid is odorless and tasteless, but will make the vagina feel briefly less lubricated and give the tongue a similar sensation as a very dry white wine. If the normal lubricated wetness does not return after a brief time, it may have caused her to dry out. In this case, go with kissing, breast play or her giving you some attention, until the normal lubricated moisture returns.

    Good luck.

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    I've always found there are moments when she says "oooooh yes right there." And "yes yes don't't stop". The best technique is to stay right there and not to stop. I have also found that keeping a loose flexible neck is a good idea so that when she pushes on my head, my toungue goes to the exact spot she wants it to go. Its really not to complicated.