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    Mostly true event I wrote about.

    So last night, fresh out of the shower, I find my wife (even after five years I can’t believe how wonderful she looks) on the bed reading a bit of amateur porn at a site we both like (and where I have a few stories posted).
    She had asked me to give her a little trim since her fur was getting a bit long and the weathers heating up. I returned with the tools for the job but before getting started decided to see what she was reading.
    It was a longish tale about a wife and a male masseuse. She read me some details and stroked me with her free hand. My favorite part (well except for the obvious) of her reading from the laptop in bed is the wonderful view of her backside arched up looking inviting.
    When she'd finished reading, she rolled over for an inspection of the area to be taken care of. A quick look told me that a trim wasn't needed but it did reveal how much she had enjoyed the reading material. Her soft deep pink lips were glistening with juice and slightly swelled.
    I ran a finger slowly between them and brought it to my lips for a taste. She tastes so good, there's really no way to describe it. Just a perfect blend of warm sweet/salty and thick cream, I love it and can't get enough. A soft moan came from her mouth, and I told her that the clippers wouldn't be needed but I thought there might be something else she wanted? Lowering my mouth to her mound I slowly gently caressed her lips and clit. Even more juice was my reward. After a few minutes of this, not nearly long enough, she asked what i had for her.
    I laughed and told her I had the same dick I always had but it was springing a leak, her reply was to turn us about so she could reach it with one hand and tease my nipples with the other. As you would expect this was a bit distracting and my attentions to her slowed.
    I soon regained some control and increased the action on her clit. We’d recently obtained a few new toys and I thought I had a good place to use one. I rolled off and reached above her head to find a 5" glass dildoe, keeping it out of sight I started to head back to my work. I was interrupted by her hands pulling my very stiff cock into her mouth.
    She ran her tongue around the head and spent a lot of time squeezing the shaft while teasing the underside. This was just more than I could take and I moaned and started to cum, she knows well what that means and held me firmly with her lips as my dick shuddered between her hot lips. I finally got back between her thighs and resumed my attention to her wet pussy; shortly after getting back where I started I slipped the glass cock inside her dripping pussy.
    A soft gasp escaped her lips as the glass was a lot cooler than she was on the inside. She kept my cock in her hands and mouth as I licked her moist clit that was standing hard against my tongue. Slowly working the dildoe in and out in pace with my lips she began thrusting her hips up to meet my actions. Her reaction and her continued actions on my dick had restored it to a fuller erection than before, i was sure that I’d be cumming again when she did.
    Keeping the curved head of the glass cock turned up to an angle she liked was becoming harder as she moved about under me. She thrust her pussy into my face and loudly announced she was cumming, her pleasure pushed me over the edge again and I joined her in orgasm.
    We were both out of breath as we collapsed next to each other with smiles on our faces. Just some more good sex for an old couple!

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    Very erotic. We have a Glass Dildo's also and has the same reaction on my wife as it did with Your's.Great pic also
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    Wonderful story - You two really know how to enjoy yourselves ;-)